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That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCMKTS:TSTS) Gets Pumped Yet Again

by Georgi Kamburov September 7, 2015

On Friday the stock of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCMKTS:TSTS, TSTS message board) enjoyed some rather intense trading. Investor managed to shift nearly 2 million of the company's shares during the session. How massive that volume truly is becomes clear when you take a look at the volume for the previous session of 139 thousand shares and the monthly average of 425 thousand. The stock closed the session with a gain of 15% at $0.162.

Is there a reason for the sudden change in sentiment towards the company? Well, the latest official PR is now over a month old and it is not particularly exciting - on July 29 TSTS announced that they had received Kosher certification for three products. There aren't any new filings either with the last one being the quarterly report for the period ended May 31. And the numbers contained inside it cannot be the reason for any positive movement made by the stock:

• $3238 cash
• $74,079 total current assets
• $622 thousand total current liabilities
• ZERO revenues
• $386 thousand net loss

The balance sheet is truly atrocious and even the $68 thousand international order that was announced on July 22 fails to improve the situation by much. In fact, TSTS simply cannot justify their current market cap of nearly $46 million.

In the world of pennystocks this usually leaves only one explanation for the stock's jump - a paid pump. Indeed, right after the end of Thursday's trading the email touts for TSTS began rolling in. The involved newsletters continued to sent out more alerts on Friday bringing the total count for the two days to over 30 emails. Since February TSTS has been pumped by more than 170 emails. This time the compensations disclosed by the newsletter ranged from $2000 to $14 000 with the biggest amount going to the affiliates of Galaxy, LLC - Market Caliber Team, Penny Pick Finders, Secret Stock Promoter.

A few years back some people got 26.8 million shares for a total of $26,800, or just $0.001 per share, and if they still own a portion of the shares the hype generated by the pumpers could allow them to reap massive profits by selling them on the open market. Investors should also keep in mind that at the end of March TSTS sold 2 convertible notes in the aggregate amount of $275 thousand. If the terms of these notes are not amended they will become due and payable on September 20.

TSTS is an extremely dangerous stock that demands extensive due diligence before any trades are attempted. It remains to be seen if despite the numerous red flags the company will manage to keep its gains when the market opens tomorrow. 

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