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Voip-Pal.com Inc (OTCMKTS:VPLM) Spikes Once More

by Dragni Dragnev February 11, 2016

It seems like investor interest has once more fallen on Voip-Pal.com Inc (OTCMKTS:VPLM, VPLM message board) – yesterday it managed to rise above a dime, and by the look of its newsfeed we may see even more action from it today.

A bit of due diligence on VPLM reveals that the company doesn't seem to be interested in anything except taking legal action lately.

To elaborate on that last statement - on one hand, its reports look positively mediocre:

  • Cash & current assets - $773 thousand
  • Current Liabilities - $43 thousand
  • No annual revenues
  • Annual Net loss – $1.6 million

The numbers sort of speak for themselves, and they don't really present VPLM in a flattering light. Then again, neither does the fact that the ticker was on the receiving end of a paid pump a couple of months ago.

On the other hand, it seems that VPLM has taken on the role of a legal crusader – it has filed lawsuits against a couple of people that allegedly “systematically conspired, schemed, and defrauded” the company and its investors. And if you think the VPLM “conspiracy” (as it is called in its PR) does not end there – the PR announces that FIFTEEN offshore entities were, in one way or another, involved in the whole affair – and VPLM seems to mean to bring them all to justice.

As if that wasn't a challenging enough task, VPLM has started a war on another front. Today, it announced that it has filed lawsuits against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Verizon Wireless Services, Llc., Verizon Communications Inc. , AT&T Inc., and AT&T Corp for patent infringements.

As per its announcement, the company's goal is to receive compensation for damages totaling $7 billion – that's BILLION, with a “B”.

The fact that none of the above mentioned megacorporations even took the time to discuss VPLM's claims is indicative of said allegations and demands' laughable nature.

Long story short – VPLM is waging legal war on two fronts, but apparently - not doing much else. On one front, it has engaged a gang of offshore entities that have allegedly already run off with $5 million in investor money, and on the other – a couple of true goliaths of the tech sector.

Investors would do well to take its chances of success into account before jumping on the lawsuit hype train.

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