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Cloudweb Inc. (OTCBB:CLOW)'s Pump Continues

by Dragni Dragnev February 11, 2016

Cloudweb Inc. (OTCBB:CLOW, CLOW message board) managed to add another 13.22% to its market value in yesterday's session, but doesn't look that hot in today's early trading.

A lot of pumpers have been paid a lot of money to keep touting CLOW. For nearly two weeks now, they have done just that, and their efforts have been quite effective.

The ticker has been lifted from near-illiquidity and has seen quite a bit of trading since the touts began – but it's only natural that that would happen. After all, more than 40 pump e-mails have hit in-boxes since the storm began.

The maelstrom of activity that the pumps have enabled has given investors plenty of opportunities for profitable trading. However, with each day that passes, dealing in CLOW stock becomes more and more risky.

We're not talking about what happens to a pumped up OTC Markets ticker when the touts stop flying or lose their potency. That's something every investor is and should be familiar with.

No, what we have in mind is the danger that the 60 million shares of CLOW common stock that are still unaccounted for represent.

To elaborate – the number of SO that CLOW currently has outstanding is 312 million. Of those 252 are in the hands of Liao Zhi De, CLOW's new CEO. The owners of the rest are unknown – and there's no guarantee that said owners will not decide to dump the shares in question on the market when they see fit.

This is a very real possibility, and one which investors should definitely keep in mind, since its realization becomes more and more likely with each green day that CLOW has.

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