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Sack Lunch Productions Inc (OTCMKTS:SAKL) Pushed Along by a Paid Pump

by Borislav Tonev March 30, 2016

The figures in Sack Lunch Productions Inc (OTCMKTS:SAKL, SAKL message board)'s most recent financial report aren't exactly terrible. By the low OTC standards, they're actually pretty impressive.

Q3 of last year ended with about $6 million in revenue and a quarterly net income of nearly $720 thousand. The sales jump on a year-over-year basis is rather huge and by the looks of things some more progress has been made. A couple of weeks ago, SAKL announced that between January 1 and March 7, the ticket sales alone have exceeded $3 million. The management team said that they're happy with the results and announced that based on their estimates, the revenues for 2016 should reach $18 million.

Even that, however, wasn't enough to persuade investors to buy the stock. The ticker has actually been pretty illiquid over the last few months and although there have been some moves both up and down, it seems reluctant to make any sort of significant step in the right direction.

This may or may not have something to do with SAKL's CEO, Richard Surber, his uncle, and the fact that he has been involved with Green Endeavors Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNE) – an OTC company that isn't exactly the embodiment of success.

Mr. Surber and the rest of the management team tried to convince investors that there's nothing to worry about. An advertising campaign on one of the most popular investor forums was organized and a 30-second commercial video was put together with the purpose of presenting SAKL's merits. None of these worked very well.

It would appear that a third party called One22 Media LLC has succeeded where the company failed. Microcap Daily received $7.5 thousand from the said third party and the penny stock website, with the help of a few other outfits, organized a two-day marketing campaign for SAKL. The touting seems to be working, at least for now.

Yesterday, SAKL surged in the right direction and after hitting a brand new 52-week high of almost $0.13, it stopped at $0.11 per share (about 11% in the green). Plenty of people are massively excited about the jump and some even reckon that very soon, the ticker will be playing with the $0.20 per share mark. Can that really happen, though?

It is true that the company has real business and a relatively solid financial foundation to step on. Mind you, GRNE, like SAKL also has some decent revenues. And it's not doing terribly well, is it?

Doing a lot of due diligence before committing to an investment is extremely important.

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1. Guest
March 30, 2016, 01:55PM

Quotes Great article Mr. Borislav Tonev. Keep your eye on Nexia-SAKL/GRNE. They are noted for doing the following:

1. Changing stock symbols without notice.
2. Reverse Splits
3. Unaudited financial reports.
4. Dilution of shares
5. Not allowing investors to know the true P/E or EPS of their stocks.
6. Conducting Adjustment Factors and Unadjusted Prices of their stocks which is manipulation.
7. Updating recent financial reports and figures.
8. Announcing forward splits and or earnings.
9. Declaring Bankruptcy every year so they can swipe the debt clean and start over when they want.
10. Misleading/false/deceptive press releases and articles that have no relation to their stock or business.

To name a few.

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