Anastas Gegov

Vapor Corp (OTCMKTS:VPCO) Reaches The Bottom Of The Charts

by Anastas Gegov April 22, 2016

Vapor Corp (OTCMKTS:VPCO, VPCO message board)’s chart looks terrible. The company stock has suffered through a lot of sliding down and has lost massive value since the beginning of the year. Back in the start of 2016 we saw the ticker trade for more than $40 per share, but it is now crashing hard and trading into triple-zero land.


Let’s not forget that VPCO was recently trading on the NASDAQ exchange and has some pretty serious numbers in its balance sheet. The company’s financial report for the fiscal 2015 was filed on April 8 and it contained the following.


  • cash: $27.2 million
  • current assets: $29.6 million
  • current liabilities: $46.8 million
  • annual sales: $10.75 million
  • net income: $1.8 million


Despite the impressive numbers VPCO is actually doing worse in sales than it did the previous year. Still, the company has achieved something that very few OTC entities ever manage to – record actual income. The reason for which it has lost so much value lies in the fact that VPCO is being savagely diluted.


Let’s also not forget that there are still Series A warrants that can be turned into over 21 billion shares and the company has been authorized to perform another reverse split with a ratio between 1-for-10,000 and 1-for-20,000 shares. In light of this the 25% drop that pushed VPCO to $0.0003 per share yesterday came as no surprise.

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