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Strikeforce Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:SFOR) Makes Another Move Up

by Dragni Dragnev April 25, 2016

Judging by the trading that Strikeforce Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:SFOR, SFOR message board) registered at the beginning of this week, it may seem that the ticker is on its way to recovery once more. But is it, really?

Our short answer to that question would definitely be “not necessarily, and not necessarily for long”. Read on for the longer version.

As we have discussed on multiple occasions in the past, SFOR meets all the criteria to be classified as a grade-A mediocre OTC Markets underachiever. Its filings for the fiscal 2015 can attest to that:

  • Cash - $37 thousand
  • Total current assets - $60 thousand
  • Total current liabilities – $13.5 MILLION
  • Convertible notes payable - $ 2.2 MILLION
  • Annual Revenue - $271 thousand
  • Annual Net loss - $1.8 million

Not only is the company virtually broke, but it is burdened with a crushing amount of debt and it is racking net loss like crazy without generating all that much revenue. Still, the worst part of said report is not the SFOR's evident enduring failure to turn itself into a commercially viable entity.

No, when all is said and done it is the company's share structure that takes the cake. Even a glance at the company's issuance history is enough to leave investors horrified, because about six months ago, SFOR had just 10 million shares issued and outstanding. Now it has upwards of 2.1 BILLION. That's Billion, with a capital “B”. This numbers speaks loudly and clearly enough in and of itself.

With this in mind, it should be obvious why the prospects of this current ascent lasting too long don't seem good at all.


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