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Propanc Health Group Corp. (OTCMKTS:PPCH) Is Having A Hard Time

by Dragni Dragnev May 13, 2016

Propanc Health Group Corp. (OTCMKTS:PPCH, PPCH message board)’s latest announcement only managed to afford the ticker one day of respite – and now it is back on its way down the charts.

PPCH had a wild ride mid April, and a lot of hopes and dreams rode on the many positive announcements it has made in recent weeks, but it was more than clear that this state of developments could not last. The ticker was becoming hideously overbought, and although PPCH is obviously a promising company with quite a few positive scientific achievements going for it, one must not forget that it is also an early development stage OTC Pharmaceutical company, whose latest financial report looked like this:

  • Cash - $1.1 million
  • Current assets - $1.5 million
  • Current liabilities - $4.8 million
  • Quarterly net loss - $3.5 million

This is most likely the reason why PPCH has had almost nothing but severe crashes in the last few weeks.

Well, that and the fact that the company has pulled more than its fair share of stock issuance related shenanigans over the last year.

Investors should really pay attention to such details, because as we know, toxic dilution is the bane of long term investor value and profitable aggressive trading of OTC Markets pharmaceutical stocks.

This is why we advise extra caution and diligence when dealing with the medical and pharmaceutical branch in general, and PPCH stock in particular.

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