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EOS Token in 2018 – Will It Rise Above 10$ Mark?

by Ana Sullivan April 3, 2018

EOS token is the type of token which aims to increase it’s market cap above the 5 billion dollars mark, but will the token keep it’s current value as it is the most popular token at the moment?



EOS Token Right Now


The value of the EOS token went up today to 5.98 USD which is 2.39% higher than usual for the past 24 hours. The token, whose market cap is currenty in the $4.60 billion is ranked as the 6th cryptocurrency in the world and there is a good reason for it – the EOS.IO platform. When we see the past 3 months, the price of EOS has remained stable and given the popularity f the token, it is increasing stability. However, this does raise some questions, such as will the token increase sharply in price soon, following major news expected by investors?


The EOS Token has seen an overall price rise against BitCoin, Ethereum and the US Dollar, however it  has been trading lower than the 5.75 dollars to which it rose on March, 19th. And provided that the token even reached the 6 dollar mark, many do feel the lack of confidence In investing in EOS, but given the stability of the price experts believe it is not likely to drop the next few weeks.

EOS Token – Overall Performance

The EOS token aims to be the first blockchain with it’s personal constitution. This token is another ERC-20 token which is called by many to be “boosted Ethereum” or “Ethereum on Steroids”, since it’s abbreviation is EOS. Many also  do believe that it’s own set of rules falls into the “Operating System” category as they joke about it’s initials. Either way, the platform, featuring the smart contracts from the Ethereum blockchain can conduct millions of funds transfer operations within small frames of time (seconds). The purpose for this powerful tech is to make it possible to create a truly scalable and decentralized applications management system.


EOS token is related to a technology whose purpose is to provide transparency and it also gives the opportunities for the tokens to be mined, since this cannot allow it’s price to be set quickly, meaning that fluctuations are based on the minable interests and activity of the token.

The bad news here is that EOS is still in it’s Alpha stage and it is left to provide a scalable, flexible and available solutions on it’s smart contract blockchain.

 And while EOS token has good product, idea and marketing, there are several possible obstacles in front of the technology which may become an issue.

These are:

  • The overall global influence on cryptocurrencies, blockchains and tokens.
  • The U.S. crackdown on cryptocurrencies.
  • The ever-increasing competition which creates blockchains of newer generations.

When we exclude this, the EOS token is the type of token which has an actual capability to explode and in time it’s price is expected by the token’s investors to be nothing more than higher and higher, because the tech is created with decentralization in mind.


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