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Ripple XRP Token in 2018 – Will it Crash Further or Go Up?

by Ana Sullivan April 3, 2018

While the RIPPLE network is rumored to be the next BitCoin and big player , it is still trading under the 1$ mark after a crazy crash from it’s all time high of $3.65. And also after the currency has already gone mainstream, the XRP token’s price remains to still be a mystery to many, since it excludes a very important element – people. And with several hundreds of banks over the world currently testing Ripple's network, questions do remain whether or not the technology behind the XRP token will replace SWIFT, which currently processes around 5 trillion dollars daily.


This element, makes it purely b2b focused and it’s price is dependent on big contracts with companies and banks alike. But while this token is highly centralized, it is also highly regulated by primarily the federal reserve and other government institutions. So this does beg the question - Will Ripple rise up to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world and make fiat currencies that are heavily regulated the next big thing?  We are yet to figure this one out, but many feel sceptic about it, since this is undermining the sole idea of blockchain – decentralization.

XRP Token At The Moment

Unlike BitCoin’s cosmic price, Ripple is still trading low at a current price of $0.538951 against the dollar with a significant 8% rise from $0.500776 for the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency has around 55 billion tokens in lockdown and with it’s total supply of almost 100 billion XRP and one of the best transfer performance rates in the world, remains a leader among tokens. But the high Supply also makes the price of the token volatile and subjective to price crashes and fluctuations, following BitCoin’s price. So yeah, Ripple still has quite the way to go to become an independent cryptocurrency with a completely independent XRP token.



RIPPLE and XRP – Overall Performance

Created to attack a multi-billion dollar market, the one of bank transfers, Ripple still remains a cryptocurrency that is promising to watch and invest in, despite high volatility. The primary factor which makes investors put their trust in the cryptocurrency is that besides being an exemplary technology, behind the XRP token stands a company, which is legitimate and with an experienced CEO behind their project – Brad Garlinghouse. And after the Ripple team has sealed contracts with several hundreds of banks to test it’s blockchain network to conduct transactions that would otherwise take days in matter of seconds, the XRP token has still remained unaffected by these big news, primarily because one thing – it has nothing to do with the service Ripple aims to provide in the future to banks. So this is quite a problem for the company, despite the fact that their armies of investors on CryptoCompare have contrary beliefs.

And even among those investors, there are some which believe that Ripple will still follow BitCoin’s general price trend and the token will further decrease, but this is only good for those investors, because most of them are generally optimistic of good times to come. Until then, Ripple has gone mainstream, but they still have some key points to consider:

  • Should they enable the “people” factor and make XRP actually usable for real-world transfers and purposes, instead of just letting it’s price to remain affected, based on speculations?
  • Should they consider the fact that there is an increasing competition and it’s performance may eventually surpass the tech behind Ripple as a well-situated leader and align their strategy based on that?


Overall and all, XRP Token’s price is looking optimistic and with big company, like Ripple behind it that has government support and control, the token is likely to stabilize and steadily increase in the future, which is what most optimistic investors believe. If you are one of them, we would advise you not to take this article as an investment advise and to follow the developments of Ripple and it’s XRP token on their many social profiles and community websites, that have taken over the web by storm.

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