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ETH Token in 2018 – Will it Boost after Golem Arrival

by Ana Sullivan April 10, 2018

Ethereum has released Golem, the tool which promises to allow users to make money while using the excess CPU power of your PC In order to grant other people to use it. After three years, the project has gone live and has raised around $340 million so far. And with these announcements, many experts believe that Ethereum’s ETH token will also rise. But will Ethereum stay on top in this competitive world and with newer and newer block chains appearing out there we still remain to see.


ETH Token – Recent Performance


Over the past month, the Ethereum’s token has not seen a lot of happy rises and it’s price has been crossing the $400 level on and on. But after the announcements of Golem going life, it has marked a an overall positive and upward trend with a 1,25% rise to a $399,64 against the dollar.


With a lot of tokens currently using Ethereum’s blockchain and the ETH token remaining mined heavily throughout the world, many do believe that the price of ETH will not stay on this level for long.


ETH Token – Description and Overall Performance


The ETH Token is the type of token, whose primary purpose is to support a decentralized platform. It’s purpose is to run smart contracts, whose purpose is to refrain from downtime, censorship, fraud and any scammers that might interfere in assets transferring. The idea is to create a network that is so secure that it does not need regulation and ever since it has been created, the token aims to help publishers to use their ideas and implement the blockchain element in them.


Overall and all, there have been many successful tokens that have launched as a result of that, but this also rises questions about Ethereum’s success in the future. While the token has sealed it’s position as one of the leaders out there, there are newer generations of block-chains whose purpose is to be even more responsive and have much faster transfer times than ETH itself.

Overall and all, when you have geniuses, like Vitalik Buterin behind you and community as strong as Ethereum's this is surely a good recipe for success and the potential of killer apps has begun to unfold, starting with Golem's release.





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