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Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Coin Price is Now $24 — Overview and Price Predictions

by Ana Sullivan May 25, 2018


The price of one single BitCoin Private (BTCP) is steadily increasing, right now it is calculated at $24.19. This articles presents an overview of the blockchain project, the reasons for this price surge and the current price predictions according to the displayed market performance.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Coin Overview

The Bitcoin Private (BTCP) coin is a functional alternative to the general-purpose Bitcoin cryptocurrency. According to the whitepaper it is a technical fork-merge between the Bitcoin and Zclassic algorithms. As a result the new blockchain project should have significantly lower fees than Bitcoin. In addition transaction speeds should be up to six times faster. The zk-SNARKsprivacy technology is incorporated from zCash and provides a mechanism for provable anonymous and private transactions.

The whitepaper reads that the UTXO sets of both blockchain will be used to create the new coin offerings in the ledger. Approximately 20.4 million out of 21 million coins will exist at the time of the devised fork. This will ensure that the Bitcoin Private cryptocurrency have the lowest inflation possible.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Coin Performance, Issues & Price Predictions

The market performance of the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Coin is certainly dynamic, starting from a high level in March its price went down before reaching another spike in April and falling down once again. We are seeing active transactions and trade operations which signals that there is continuous involvement and interest. Given the fluctuations a price prediction cannot be made due to the fact that there are far too many factors that affect its price.

One of the reasons why there is a such an unstable growth is the fact that there are many scam sites. The hackers take legitimate text and graphics extracted from the legitimate site, using the information fake sites and social media profiles are created that ask users private keys and cipher seeds. They are designed to look like official web wallets. At the moment the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) coins can be traded on numerous exchanges as the main network was launched in the beginning of March. The relatively fast development of the blockchain and release has helped to increase the value quickly. However as soon as the scams started its price fell down and is now attempting to stabilize itself. At this point investors are holding back from spending too much money on the coins due to the intense fluctuations

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