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BABB (BAX) Spotted Close to Its All Time High Price

by Ana Sullivan May 31, 2018





BAX Token – Recent Performance

Today BABB (BAX) was listed on KuCoin exchange. Investors can now trade their BTC and ETH for BAX tokens. The trust of KuCoin in BAX reflects in a positive way to token’s price. And for the last 24 hours period one BAX token reached a market value of $0.002497. Even if the price is still symbolic the registered rise is notable as it is 31.85% higher against the US dollar.




Apparently, this price is really close to the all-time high one that was seen at $0.002966 in April this year. Currently, we see BABB (BAX) to have a market capitalization of $52,433,925 with a circulating supply 20,998,432,317 BAXs. And with a total supply of 50,000,000,000 BAX token is definitely a long term investment. Unfortunately, similar to most of the available cryptocurrency assets BAX is a volatile token. So there is no guarantee that it is going to become a profitable investment even for its long-term holders.

BABB (BAX) - Bank Account Based on Blockchain

BABB or Bank Account Based on Blockchain is a project that uses the blockchain technology to offer a bank account to anyone in the world. It aims to cut the banking and financial services costs and bring all the unbanked people in the world into the global economy.

By featuring peer-to-peer connections BABB eliminates all middle agents in the financial communications. It allows users to deposit both cryptocurrency and fiat into their BABB bank accounts. The idea is that only a smartphone and an internet connection are needed for a BABB bank account. To identify users who have BABB account the app uses biometric technology. So once the app is downloaded it asks users to take a selfie and say a catchphrase.

BABB has created its own cryptocurrency named BAX token. The token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC20 compliant. It can be used as payment for service and licensing fees which makes it an invariable asset stored in the wallets of all users who are using the platform.

However, if BABB want to differentiate itself from other cryptocurrencies BABB it definitely needs to obtain a banking license.

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