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Universa (UTNP Token) in 2018 – What Is It and Will it Rise?

by Ana Sullivan June 7, 2018

A new project, called Universa has gone live with it’s UTNP token at a low price, attracting investors. The Universa blockchain platform has recently closed it’s pre-token sale and it has started to achieve important milestones, which may be the reason why the project’s price keeps rising. But will their idea to be a new generation blockchain technology that is using new mechanisms which improves on the currently interesting BitCoin and Ethereum technologies for business adoption become an actual solution to blockchain problems? From what it seems they have currently achieved a lot, but still have a lot to go.


UTNP Token – Current Performance

The UTNP token started the day off in a sharp price boost which resulted in a 10,88% price rise to it’s current level of $0.016802 in a 24 hour volume of more than a 1 million USD. Compared to it’s overall 24 hour volume, the current one at the time of writing this is at it’s highest point. While this suggests that Universa may be headed upwards and may rise significantly more, given it’s circulating supply of almost 2 billion units, the token may quickly become mainstream if more bulls come into play.




Universa and UTNP Token – What Is It


The Universa project, according to their whitepaper are:


Universa Platform is a new generation of blockchain technology. It uses a contract execution machine and distributed state ledger designed to improve on Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies by delivering improvements that are imperative for business adoption, with an emphasis on tokenization and contractual agreements. Where traditional blockchains transact primarily in currencies, Universa is designed to support token representation of everything from passports to boarding passes, bus tickets or taxi fares; they can be gift cards, vouchers, or gym membership cards. You might make a token representing your title deed, or just the keys to the house.”


Given this, their idea is to improve on something which is already created and this incremental focus on improvement of a technology that has already been popularized may bring them a lot of success in the future. However, they do have certain issues that they need to address, and the main one of those is marketing their product. One way they cope with increasing investor trust is by mapping out what they have achieved so far, which is not a bad idea, since transparency Is what people trust:



In addition to this, the technology of Universa is not to be underestimated as well, since they aim to introduce a wide variety of improvements that include Smart Money, over 20 000 TPS speed, improved smart contracts and much lower cost than what they refer to as the “older” and “slower” networks currently used on the Ethereum and BitCoin blockchains, which they also believe are expensive, slow and provide little knowledge. To counter this, what they offer is exactly the opposite – simplicity of their protocol for creating apps and blockchains, low cost of transactions, no bloating and liquidity of smart contracts.


While this seems tempting, the team does not specified how exactly they plan on achieving that, but they have shared information on successfully completed token sale in addition to which, they have revealed plans to release smart tokens, a blockchain academy, bank and cards, an appstore and all of these projects are scheduled for 2018’s first two quarters, the first of which is now over.


Universa – The Verdict


While Universa does offer a lot, they also have not specified why there are delays with their project. This is the main reason why if you are attracted by this token, you should not invest more that what you can afford to lose and always keep track on new updates on their social media sites and new information on their offcial web page.

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