Lisk Coin (LSK) to Rebrand on February 20th January 29, 2018

With their Lisk tokens, developers are able to build applications on their own sidechain linked to the Lisk network. They are also able to publish, distribute, and monetize these apps within a cryptocurrency powered system that allows for the use of customized blockchains, cloud storage, computing nodes, and smart contracts. read more

Gray Television, Inc. (NYSE: GTN.A) - the company lags, but their stock doesn't September 2, 2009

Gray Television, Inc. (NYSE: GTN.A) climbed really high on Tuesday, adding over 30% to their considerably poorly traded stock price. The move added to the previous uptrend which formed mostly because of speculations of rating companies. read more

Looks Like There Is Some Potential In Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE: VG) September 1, 2009

The VoIP services provider, Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE: VG), was never really a growth stock. The company was troubled by service costs and a highly competitive market. People were speculating the very survival of this company, but as the economic situation is finally showing signs of improvement, the company is still here. read more

U.S. Economy Is Getting Better - People Behind the Wheel Get to Stay August 25, 2009

Unexpectedly better change in the U.S. housing data ignited the upward stock market movement with financial stocks leading the way. During the day, major stock indexes also picked up some additional thrust from the announcement of re-nomination of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. read more

General Motors Co. Management Remains Unsure on Opel August 24, 2009

General Motors Co. seems not able to easily give up the Opel brand production - talks held on Friday ended with no results. It turned out an intense day for GM, as officials were considering selling the Opel unit to Canadian Magna International (MGa.TO) or German RHJ International (RHJI.BR). read more

Mixed Jobless Claims Data Promises No Ease For the Economy August 6, 2009

Another week and we get to look at another jobless claims report. This week wasn't that bad - people seem to be losing their jobs at a slower rate - initial claims have dropped some 6.4%. Yet, the job market is showing no signs of real recovery as ongoing benefits continued to increase. read more

General Motors Co.Board Sees the Company Profitable Sooner Than Expected August 5, 2009

The first board meeting of newly emerged General Motors Co. announced their plans to speed up new vehicle launches. The automaker's board stated the company will be working towards an efficient and swift come back. First priority is increasing market share which deteriorated as the recession hit. read more

Revised figures show recession is deeper than expected, but provide positive ou... July 31, 2009

Revised numbers on the effects of the recession have shown it to be of a much larger scale than initially thought. Over the 12 month period, the US economy contracted more than twice the first estimates, depicting a slow down in consumer spending as well as a deterioration of the housing market. read more

U.S. housing market continues to improve - new home sales went up 11% in June July 27, 2009

U.S. housing market has shown the first signs of recovery with June's new home sales increasing by 11% as announced by the Commerce Department. Similar results were announced for previously owned U.S. home sales - the three consecutive months of growth in sales under 15.4% decreased prices. read more

Jobless claims still rising amid the euphoria of earnings season July 23, 2009

While the economy is considered to be bottoming out this year and even automakers are seeing a return to profitability, unemployment related market data shows only slight improvement. read more

U.S. federal budget deficit reaches $1.1 trillion during lagging economy period July 14, 2009

Helping banks and other large companies, the US has spent billions, thus increasing the Federal Budget Deficit. The latest Treasury report announced on Monday indicates the deficit has reached $1.1 trillion. read more

IMF says recession will end in 2010, but warns of slow recovery July 9, 2009

The global recession will end in 2010 - the International Monetary Fund stated on Wednesday. Driven by a financial system recovery in the U.S. and Japan, the economy should rebound next year. But still, 2009 will remain a year of moderate contraction. read more

The Pound is poised to fall as BoE prints fresh money March 6, 2009

Markets in the U.S. opened higher today, however, they failed to sustain their position after just a few hours of trading. The decline was caused by news on payroll reductions and still rising jobless claims. The news had an effect not only on the stock market, but also caused the dollar's decline against the Euro and other major currencies. The British Pound has erased its whole day's gain against the dollar in just couple of hours. read more

Global euphoria disperses, as China isn't likely to save the world from recession March 5, 2009

Yesterday markets rallied on talks about China's stimulus package's possible increase. Today we will most probably have markets decline for the day once again since those talks proved to be false. read more

Optimism on possible market recovery rises leaving dim economic news in the shadow March 4, 2009

Currencies and stocks alike have fallen to new lows since last year. For an ordinary bear market it could take a few years for it to recover. However, with the current market crisis being extended far beyond an ordinary bear market it took much less time for the overall decline to reach a current point. read more

Obama's confidence to boost economy takes effect - the Dollar performs controve... March 4, 2009

Today is yet another day the dollar has been hitting new highs against the Yen. The dollar also hit another correction against the Euro. read more

Will Swiss Franc (CHF) begin to move? March 3, 2009

The Swiss Franc (CHF) recorded some losses against the Euro today because of the weakening Swiss economy and the Euro showing some strength after a long drive down. There were news reports that the Swiss economy had contracted 0.3% over the fourth quarter of 2008. read more

EURUSD is likely to decline further as economic news remain disappointing March 2, 2009

The dollar might be getting even more thrust as the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), announced PMI's (purchase managers' index) value for February. The previous value of 35.6% depicted a rather strong decline in the U.S. manufacturing sector. read more

Cross trading – the alternative to shorting the Euro (EUR) February 27, 2009

As the dollar is gaining strength against major currencies there are few things investors can do. The easiest way to make money would be shorting the chosen currency against the dollar. read more

Safe heavens erode - traders face difficulties with Yen (JPYUSD), Euro (EURUSD)... February 26, 2009

Changing economic conditions triggered the fall of many currencies as the dollar has been gaining strength since roughly mid February. This is a good example of how the continuing downbeat in the market affects not only stocks, but also currencies. read more