GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC (GOHG) - Description of business

Company Description

Global Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada in January 2007. In September 2007, the Company formed its wholly-owned subsidiary, BZ Commercial. The Company is a development stage principally engaged in the business of providing consulting to commercial corporations whose sales volumes are under $1,000,000 per year. Through its subsidiary, the Company will attempt to secure Asset Based Financing facilities which could include Factoring, Inventory Lending, Purchase Order Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing and many other types of Asset Based Lending Facilities from lenders. In this regard, Factoring is the sale of a company's invoices to a third party, known as a Factor. A Factor will purchase a company's invoices for up to 90% of the total amount. The company would then get needed cash now and the Factor takes on the risk of collecting the payments from the company's customers. The creditworthiness of the company's customers is very important and leads to better terms from a Factor. Founded in 2007, the Company will target companies throughout the United States and Canada. The focus will be companies that cannot easily secure asset-backed financing. Specifically, the companies focused on may have management or historical corporate issues, be newly formed, have limited equity and/or sustained losses that depreciate the value of the specific company's assets.

We expect to have agreements in place with bank lenders whom will pay us a fixed percentage of any loans or fees earned that will occur between our referred clients and the bank lender. We may also charge a fee to the client if we are successful in securing a financial arrangement.

Typically, we will have potential clients fill out applications and provide us with substantial business information, such as historical data, reference, credit reports, etc., which we will package and supply to lenders that we feel will give our clients the best possible service, rates and systems. Upon receiving approval from a lender to proceed with financing, we will assist our clients with deal execution and are only compensated when financing is received for our clients.