Company Description
Patient Safety Technologies, Inc. (referred to in this report as the "Company," "we," "us," and "our") (formerly known as Franklin Capital Corporation) is a Delaware corporation. Currently, the Company has two wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: (1) SurgiCount Medical, Inc., a California corporation; and (2) Automotive Services Group, Inc. (formerly known as Ault Glazer Bodnar Merchant Capital, Inc.) a Delaware corporation.

The Company, including SurgiCount Medical Inc. ("SurgiCount"), is engaged in the acquisition of controlling interests in companies and research and development of products and services focused primarily in the health care and medical products field, particularly the patient safety markets. SurgiCount is a developer and manufacturer of patient safety products and services. Automotive Services Group, Inc. ("Automotive Services Group") holds the Company's investment in Automotive Services Group, LLC ("ASG"), its wholly-owned subsidiary. In addition to the assets that are held in Automotive Services Group, the Company holds various other unrelated investments which it is in the process of liquidating. The unrelated investments are included in a separate segment, financial services and real estate. The Company purchased the remaining equity interest in ASG in March 2006 and during the fourth quarter of 2006 the Company began marketing for sale the assets held in ASG.

The Company was incorporated on March 31, 1987, under the laws of the state of Delaware. Beginning in July 1987 until March 31, 2005 we operated as an investment company registered pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "1940 Act"). In or about August 1997 our Board of Directors determined it would be in the best interest of the Company and our stockholders to elect to become a registered business development company (a "BDC") under the 1940 Act. On September 9, 1997 our shareholders approved the proposal to be regulated as a BDC and on November 18, 1997 we filed a notification of election to become a BDC with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").

On March 30, 2005, stockholder approval was obtained to withdraw our election to be treated as a BDC and on March 31, 2005 we filed an election to withdraw our election with the Securities and Exchange Commission. At December 31, 2006, 8.9% of our assets, consisting of our investments in Alacra Corporation, on a consolidated basis with subsidiaries were comprised of investment securities within the meaning of the 1940 Act ("Investment Securities"). If the value of our assets that consist of Investment Securities were to exceed 40% of our total assets (excluding government securities and cash items) on an unconsolidated basis we could be required to re-register as an investment company under the 1940 Act unless an exemption or exclusion applies. We continue to evaluate ways in which we can dispose of these Investment Securities and do not believe that the value of our Investment Securities will increase in an amount that would require us to re-register as a BDC. Registration as an investment company would subject us to restrictions that are inconsistent with our fundamental business strategy of equity growth through creating, building and operating companies in the patient safety medical products industry. Registration under the 1940 Act would also subject us to increased regulatory and compliance costs, and other restrictions on the way we operate and would change the method of accounting for our assets under GAAP.

Our operations currently focus on the acquisition of controlling interests in companies and research and development of products and services in the health care and medical products field, particularly the patient safety markets. In the past we also focused on the financial services and real estate industries. On October 2005 our Board of Directors authorized us to evaluate alternative strategies for the divesture of our non-healthcare assets. As an extension on our prior focus on real estate, in March 2006 we acquired the remaining 50% equity interest in ASG and upon doing so we entered the business of developing properties for the operation of automated express car wash sites. However, on March 29, 2006, our Board of Directors determined to focus our business exclusively on the patient safety medical products field. The Board of Directors established a special committee in January 2007 to evaluate potential divestiture transactions for ASG and our other real estate assets.

SurgiCount Medical, Inc., developer of the Safety-SpongeTM System, and Automotive Services Group, Inc. (formerly Ault Glazer Bodnar Merchant Capital, Inc.), a holding company for ASG, a company formed to develop properties for the operation of automated car wash sites, are wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, which were either acquired or created to enhance our ability to focus our efforts in each targeted industry. Currently, we are evaluating ways in which to monetize our non-patient safety related assets (the "non-core assets").

SurgiCount's Safety-Sponge System helps reduce the number of retained sponges and towels in patients during surgical procedures and allows for faster and more accurate counting of surgical sponges. The SurgiCount Safety-SpongeTM System is a patented turn-key array of modified surgical sponges, line-of-sight scanning SurgiCounters, and printPAD printers integrated together to form a comprehensive counting and documentation system. The Safety-Sponge System works much like a grocery store checkout process: Every surgical sponge and towel is affixed with a unique inseparable two-dimensional data matrix bar code and used with a SurgiCounter to scan and record the sponges during the initial and final counts. Because each sponge is identified with a unique code, a SurgiCounter will not allow the same sponge to be counted more than one time. When counts have been completed at the end of a procedure, the system will produce a printed report, or can be modified to work with a hospital's paperless system. By scanning the surgical dressings in at the beginning of a surgical procedure and then scanning them out at the end of the procedure, the sponges can be counted faster and more accurately than traditional methods which require two medical personnel manually counting the used and un-used sponges. The Safety-Sponge System is the only FDA 510k approved computer assisted sponge counting system. SurgiCount is the first acquisition in our plan to become a leader in the patient safety market.