Hot Penny Stocks

StarInvest Group Inc. (STIV) Slips December 21, 2007

Today was one of those bad days for StarInvest Group stock. The stock plunged by 66 per cent which gave a lead for the stock on the losers' table at the OTC Bulletin Board. read more

LDK Solar Keeps on Shining December 20, 2007

It has been a fascinating year for a Chinese solar wafer producer LDK Solar Co following its strong IPO in the U.S market in June. The sales of LDK continued on a high-sky range as today the company said its third-quarter profit went up 40 per cent. read more

Chinese Professor – ChinaEdu Corp (CEDU) Filed $94M IPO November 29, 2007

What a fruitful year we have already lived out as the bombardment of the Chinese companies keeps on following the new arrival from Beijing. read more

Tatonka Oil&Gas (TTKA) – Oil and Gas Buffalo November 27, 2007

Great time to feature most probably zillionth oil and gas company, particularly when the barrel price soon to hit all-time record - $100. However, Tatonka, the Lakota word for “buffalo,” now is facing hard times as the company struggles to smell the rich oil and gas pipeline. read more

Mission Impossible for Old School Veterans from Seamless Wi-Fi Inc. (SLWF) November 22, 2007

Experience might not always be a huge advantage, has learnt from the Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc case as the top heads of this company, whose average age is 61, can't find the magical formula to produce positive financial figures. read more

Virtual Radiologic (VRAD) Joins the Nasdaq Club November 20, 2007

Just a week ago Virtual Radiologic, a provider of remote interpretation of medical imaging, went public on the Nasdaq stage as investors eagerly were buying the stock. Its shares went up 47 per cent just before plunging 12 per cent yesterday. read more

Countrywide Goes Widely Down November 13, 2007

Countrywide Financial Corp. announced a total drop of 48 percent of mortgage loan origination volume in October mainly because of continued weakening of the mortgage market and the company's decision to cut down on its subprime lending operations. read more

Vonage Is Back From The Voyage? November 10, 2007

It could be the moment when Internet telephony provider Vonage has finally come back from its long and agonizing voyage for its shareholders as Vonage’s stock were up yesterday by 6% from Wednesday despite worsening situation in the U.S economy. read more

Sirius Learns the Lesson While XM Struggles October 30, 2007

Sirius has done its homework and learnt the lesson well resulting a much better results. 3Q results narrowed net loss narrowed by 26% during the third quarter to $0.08 a share. read more

Nexia’s revenue is up 54%, but the stock still bearish October 23, 2007

Despite fruitful revenue, Nexia's stock is still under-performing as it keeps floating on bearish levels. read more

What’s Wrong with MultiCell Technologies Inc. (MCET)? October 11, 2007

Either it must be something wrong inside MultiCell Technologies's squad or the company's business realization model seems to be a flop as the company's stock faced a crushing slide down over the last year. read more

Paivis Corp. (PAVC) Sinks Down October 9, 2007

It seems that when the things can't get any worse, you'd better expect a miracle. But the moment of miracle for Pavis Corp. (PAVC) has not yet arrived and I doubt if it arrive at all. read more

The stock of China Digital Media (CDGT) accelerates to the new highs? October 8, 2007

It must be just a matter of time when China Digital Media’s stock will climb up to the new highs. Or it will bring madness when it will turn out to be just another fake out. read more

NS8 Corp. (NSEO) Picks up the First Fruits October 4, 2007

The heads of NS8 Corp. (NSEO) must be more than happy as the company's business model seems to be getting on the right track with the first fruits to be picked up in the period ended June 30, 2007. read more

Zupintra Corporation Inc (ZUPC) Aims to Rock the Boat in South America September 30, 2007

Hey Penny Stock lovers! Let's kick off the new trading week putting Zupintra Corporation Inc (ZUPC) on our radar. Later this summer Zupintra announced its expansion in Panama, whereas the company already doing business and even producing some revenue in Argentina and Uruguay. read more

Vonage (VG) – Is on Voyage? September 26, 2007

The stock of Vonage Holdings Corporation (VG) must be on a long voyage, as the stock keeps hitting its all-time lowest levels. A sharp downgrade of Vonage Holdings stock during the past year must have been a headache for the shareholders. read more

Too Hot IPO for ATHN September 25, 2007

Undoubtedly one of the hottest debuts on the whole Wall Street this year. Athenahealth Inc., a provider of Internet-based business services for medical practices, kicked off its IPO with shaking the ground of Wall Street on Thursday, breaking the record of the largest first-day gain of the year. read more

Spicy Pickle Information and Video September 22, 2007

Informational page about SPKL stock, their recent entry to the OTCBB, and their plans for future expansion. read more

No Good News for Seaena, Inc. (SEAI) September 21, 2007

The saying 'No News is Good News' might not apply to Seaena, Inc. (SEAI). I assume this company is going to have a tough times in the upcoming future, as its business realization starts jamming. read more

Mountains West Exploration Inc. (MWXI) – Still Can’t Get to the Top of the ... September 21, 2007

Mountains West Exploration Inc. (MWXI) has been trying to get to the top of the mountain since 1979. But, until today the company hasn't done any significant business. read more