Hot Penny Stocks

SOS for New Generation Holdings Inc. (NGPX)! September 19, 2007

How would you describe a company that has generated no sales revenues, has incurred expenses and has sustained losses? read more

Cyberlux Corp. (CYBL) Sees a Light at the End of the Tunnel? September 19, 2007

Cyberlux (OTCBB: CYBL) shareholders have had a rough ride during the past 12 months or so, although long-term investors should be used to it by now. read more

Mission Impossible for Americana Distribution, Inc. (ADBN) September 18, 2007

It seems that in these days it's even difficult to reach $1 in revenues. Can you believe it? I can't find any easier mission than to earn one dollar. read more

Invisa Inc. (INSA) – Moving as Fast as a Tortoise September 18, 2007

Invisa Inc. (INSA), a development stage company that makes money by developing electronic sensor systems must be happy with its last quarter’s results. With not very significant increase the company continues its growth at a tortoise speed. read more

Titan Global Holdings, Inc. (TTGL) Is Ready for a Take-off. Are You on Board? September 17, 2007

The stock of Titan Global Holdings, Inc. (TTGL) must be ready for a take-off as it progressively keeps hitting new highs. read more

Is There Any Oil left for Consolidated Oil & Gas, Inc. (CSLG)? September 14, 2007

Searching for properties that are rich of Oil and Gas must be as risky as placing your bets on the loser's team. Especially, when you can found hundreds of companies doing the same business. read more

Giant Motorsports Inc. (GMOS) – The Giant on a Challenge September 13, 2007

As the company's name speaks for itself, the results of Giant Motorsports Inc. (GMOS) are as solid as it should be for this monster. The Number One Suzuki dealer in America step by step progresses with its results, as the company keeps growing in a tortoise speed, but with a rock-solid numbers. read more

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP) – A Hot Spot? September 13, 2007

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP) seems to be a hot spot for those who seek ways to invest. But first, hold on. Don't get burned. read more

Are You Ready to Get a Tan? Teeka Tan Products Inc. (TKAT) September 12, 2007

If you're the one, who spends all days bumming around the beach and looking for the ways to get a smooth sun-kiss, you should be already familiar with Teeka Tan Products Inc. (TKAT). read more

Biomoda Inc. (BMOD) – No Revenues for Ten Years September 11, 2007

If you’re a boss of the company, can you imagine how disappointing it would be to run a company for nearly ten years with no fruits? Here is one. read more

The Stock of Radial Energy Inc. (RENG) is Ready to Bounce? September 11, 2007

This hot penny stock of Radial Energy Inc. (RENG) might be ready to jump up as it appeared on the OTC Bulletin Board on the most gained section. read more

Golden Eagle International Inc. (MYNG) – The Pirate of Gold September 7, 2007

Golden Eagle International with no luck yet to be awarded as the company has not yet produced any revenues. read more

Satellite Security Corp. (SLTS) – No Good News and Here September 5, 2007

Though the company's stock was up today and took the second place as the most gained on the OTC Bulletin Board - it is still struggling to gain a place in the share market. read more

eBay Inc. (EBAY) greets Mercadolibre Inc. (MELI) on the Wall Street September 5, 2007

The question of eBay and Latin America is getting lots of attention after the hot debut of MercadoLibre on the Wall Street. The stock of MELI was traded at a price of $28.00 at the time of polishing up this article. read more

Iomega Corp. (IOM) – Smells like Hot Money? September 4, 2007

Take a deep breathe. If you are looking for the ways where to put your money - Iomega Corp. (IOM) might be the best solution as the company's business seems to be growing vastly. read more

Invicta Group Inc. (IVGR) – 2Q Revenues rocket up by 1300 per cent September 3, 2007

The revenues of Invicta Group Inc. (IVGR) climbed up by 1300 per cent for the 2nd Quarter ended 30, 2007. read more

Lexington Resources Inc. (LXRS) – No Surprises Here September 3, 2007

I guess, this company's top head Douglas Humphreys has the most duties to cover on the whole Wall Street Market. read more

IVI Communications Inc. (IVCM) – Wants to rule the USA wireless broadband Empire August 31, 2007

With its motto - 'Bringing Wireless Broadband to Small Town USA' - it must be a tough task for IVI Communications Inc. (IVCM) to rule the Wireless Broadband Empire in the USA, if the company has only three employees working in the team. read more

Tradequest International Inc. (TRDQ) – Hot penny stock is ready for a takeoff? August 30, 2007

The stock of Tradequest International Inc. (TRDQ) is up once again and is ready for a takeoff as it appeared on the OTC Bulletin Board as the second most gained stock. read more

Choppy markets anticipate the end of Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL) epoch? August 30, 2007

Capricious markets are nail-biting for everyone, especially for Toll Brothers as the homebuilder's investors might gamble on a short selling. read more