Hot Penny Stocks

A stock is born. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) to arrive to the Wall Street wit... July 5, 2007

Another heavy armed company is yet to shine up on the Wall Street. read more

Apple Inc. (AAPL) - No iPhone, but own a stock? July 2, 2007

Though we suppose to feature articles about hot penny stocks, this time we will make a little exception and will say a word about another giant size company – Apple Inc. (APPL) and its brand-new product – iPhone. read more

Highway to Hell. Ariel Way Inc. (AWYI) Straight down to Hell along with two emp... June 28, 2007

Another company without stopping to go to Hell along with other companies we featured lately in our so beloved Highway to Hell column. read more

A stock is born. ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB) another newly baked stock on the ... June 28, 2007

Newly-baked stock of ZBB Energy Corporation, listed on the on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol "ZBB,” were sold at an initial public offering price of $6.00 per share, totalling $20 million in proceeds. read more

Ready. Steady. Go! LinkedIn, a social network site, to go for IPO June 27, 2007

There some rumors in the air that business network LinkedIn is warming up for a possible IPO. According to the sources, that would make one of the first social networks to go public. read more

Seamless Wi-Fi Inc. (SLWF) – Chucks out the staggering debt June 27, 2007

It seems that these three aged employees working in Seamless Wi-Fi still did not run out of steam. As old, as the Second World War itself, this old trio double-crossed by a long way younger company called Ayuda Funding Corp. read more

What will be the outcome of the Pro-Renewables Energy law? June 22, 2007

Today it was announced the Senate passed pro-renewables Energy Bill. Soon the bill will become the law. But, the outcome of the bill is yet not very clear. Many unknowns. read more

Family Room Entertainment (FMLY) – Let me entertain your stock! June 20, 2007

How you describe a penny stock, which is now priced up at pathetic $0.0004? That means that if you invested $45,000 in this stock for 1000 shares 20 years ago, now your investment today would be worth $0.40. But there is nothing to be worried about for company’s investors, it still is 400,000 Turkish Lira. read more

Tucows's (TCX) stock is too fast, too furious June 19, 2007

Internet services provider Tucows Inc. stock – in a cheetah speed hits top week high arriving at $1.26 per stock. read more

New laws will make biofuel a crucial part of our life June 18, 2007

The future of Biofuel bit by bit becomes more than obvious – it will replace our normal fuel, we put into our cars. Companies developing this sort of business will make a life-size fortune. read more

Bombay (BBA) – another candidate for our hall of shame? June 15, 2007

It appears that even 10 million bucks injection will not do any better for Bombay Company, as the stock inch by inch goes down. Already company’s CEO David Stewart, Bombay's chief executive officer, with the salary of $535.00K must be freaking out. read more

Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UDTT) goes Saudi-Arabian June 15, 2007

A developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats and provider of counter-terrorism consulting and training services, announced today that its e-commerce store has been added to DOC's Commercial Service's website as a featured US exporter in Saudi Arabia. read more

EBay (EBAY) declares war to Google (GOOG) June 14, 2007

Breaking news! War can not only be declared in the real world, but in the virtual as well. Two mammoth size web big guns are set to fight on the advertising battle, as yesterday EBay Inc. removed Google ads from the leading online auction site. read more

Environmental Control (EVCC) - How far they will still go? June 13, 2007

Environmental Control (EVCC) company eventually managed to fix regulatory filings and will not be kicked off the Nasdaq market, but yet still with no specific goal to be set - the future of this company seems to be very unclear. read more

Highway to Hell. Universal Express (USXP) – Doomed to failure June 13, 2007

Probably, most popular column so far featured with companies like: Marshall Holdings, Inc. and Phoenix Interests Inc. (PXIT). This week with no exception, we continue with our so beloved column – “Highway to Hell”. read more

Stargold Mines, Inc. (SGDM.OB) - Gold miner goes deep in crisis June 12, 2007

StarGold Mines Inc., stock squashed down reaching a bottom line of $1.03 per stock. That is an approximate $6 shrink in two weeks or 49 per cent plunge since May 31st when the stock was priced at $7.5. read more

Newly baked Mergers. Movie Star Inc. (MSI) comes together with Frederick's of H... June 12, 2007

In our series of up-to-the-minute columns being launched recently, team this week will be starting a new column – "Newly baked Mergers." read more

mPhase Technologies, Inc.(XDSL) - in need to be recharged on the stock market June 11, 2007

At a rough guess, mPhase Technologies, Inc.(XDSL) is probably a company with not very bright future to come and indeed with a necessity to be recharged. The company is struggling to make any better so far as their stock is sinking down. read more

Power-Save Comp. (PWSV) stock is losing its power June 11, 2007

As the business of Power Save Energy company keeps growing the price of their stock is doing the other way round. read more

On2 Technologies, Inc (ONT) stock is out of control and is about to reach new h... June 8, 2007

Since the March On2 Technologies, Inc (ONT) shares more than doubled, reaching a top of 2.81 per share. That’s more than two times bigger gross. read more