Hot Penny Stocks

Highway to Hell. Take your bet: When Phoenix Interests Inc. (OTCBB: PXIT) is a... June 7, 2007

Everyone loves when the company goes... Roughly saying to Hell. And we are not the exception. A term of Death Spiral seems to be getting more and more popular by each day. Last day we featured an article about Med Gen Inc, the warrants machine. read more

Yes. Pick up your shining Google share (GOOG) and “make money without doing e... June 5, 2007

Yes. Google is far from a penny stock company. And. Yes, with no surprises Google’s performance in the share market keeps shining. And yet we cannot make ourselves not having commented on the Godzilla’s size performance. read more

A stock is born. BioFuel Energy Company – ‘Green peace’ for biofuel June 5, 2007

In our series of new columns being introduced, team this week will be starting a new column – "A stock is born". In this to column we will review initial public offerings - new players in the market. read more

nCoat, Inc.(OCBB: NCOA) secures $11.85 million investment June 4, 2007

Mr. Clayson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of nCoat, an emerging nanotechnology company in the high performance coatings market, must be having a happy days now, because his company went in definite agreements of $11.85 million investment. read more

USXP organized Jackson's family auction turns out be disastrous June 1, 2007

It seems that USXP plan to make money from Jackson’s family memorabilia turned out to be a disaster. read more

Unico Inc. (UCOI) will have a new director May 31, 2007

Report on Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 30, 2007 reveals New Director appointment of the Unico Inc. read more

Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UDTT) makes the customers to buy their ... May 31, 2007

Universal Detection Technology, a developer of monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices, today revealed the launch of the UDTT Value Added Reseller (VAR) program to Extend Availability of Advanced Bio-detection and Security Solutions. read more

LDK Solar Co Ltd – Will light up on the New York Stock Exchange market May 30, 2007

LDK Solar Co Ltd – a China-based company, which makes multicrystalline solar wafers , which are the principal raw material used to produce solar cells – will light up the on the New York Stock Exchange early next month. read more

Highway to Hell. Marshall Holdings, Inc. – On the way to meet Evil genius May 30, 2007

From now on team begins a series of columns to make things clear once and for all – who are losers and who are winners in the boxing arena. read more

Unico, Inc.(UCOI) secures $1.7 Million funding to work out purchase option on t... May 29, 2007

Unico Inc. wholly owned subsidiary, Deer Trail Mining Company, LLC, has entered into a Master Electrical Services and Facilities Improvements Agreement to meet power and energy requirements at the Deer Trail Mine in Marysvale, Utah. read more

Ali G - Economics and Selling Stocks High May 29, 2007

Hilarious Ali G helds an interview about the whole economics and stock market with the former presidential economics advisor, Charles Schultze. read more

Struggling Bombay gets 10 mln. injection and receives takeover offer May 28, 2007

The Bombay Company, a furniture and home accessories retailer announced a non-binding offers to acquire the company. read more

Environmentally friendly Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) stock fires up after IPO May 28, 2007

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. produces natural gas and alternative fuel for vehicles. The company begins its plan for domination and gains a place in the market. But the question arises: is this company really worth $533 million dollars? read more

(SIRI)Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin is desperate over falling stock May 25, 2007

Mel Karmazin is definitely having hard times at the moment and the reason is - his company’s Sirius Sattelite Radio Inc. low stock price read more

(USXP)Universal Express boss R. Altomare – ‘Mr Scammer’ says Jacko‘s m... May 25, 2007

Universal Express boss Richard A. Altomare said they are going to held a real-time webcast to highlight the circus of Jackson family memorabilia auction. read more

Bank of China stock is up (BACHF) but 81-year-old Alan Greenspan – still can'... May 24, 2007

The United States and China trade talks turned out to be just a another non-breaking news story. However, there was some few areas, where two big countries eventually managed to reach a consensus. read more

ONT On2 Technologies stocks continue their way to the top May 23, 2007

On2 recently announced a browser-based live encoding and streaming solution recently. They are also working with Akamai to support their live streaming solution (Andy Plesser over at has some good coverage). Akamai was the company that powered the video for the Amgen Tour application a while back. read more

USXP “The suing machine” - Universal Express Inc. surprisingly increases t... May 23, 2007

USXP Universal Express Inc. will sell King of the Pop souvenirs and other family possessions for $50 million. The company threatened Jackson not to press legal action against the upcoming sale otherwise souvenirs including Children's nudity could go up for sale as well. read more

Sulphco, an interesting oil refining stock under $5 May 21, 2007

With gasoline prices heading for $4. Sulphco (AMEX:SUF) an active pennystock on the american stock exchange caught our attention as a stock to keep on the radar. read more

OTCBB - OGTX Organetics stock is up 80% on a pathetically small private placement May 17, 2007

Organetics (OTCBB:OGTX) is one of the big gainers of the day. Thier shares are trading up 80% at the moment. We are citing a small $300,000 private placement as the culprit. read more