Post No: 80102 August 27, 2009, 04:48PM
Guest wrote:

PART 1: Management style is personal. You can not separate a man from his action anymore than you can separate his character from his walk. Executive decisions are made by people that affect people. My intent is not to attack, but to seriously question Dennis Alterâs why.

TSO - Teachers Service Organization was a modest credit union founded by by Dennis Alter's father, Jack R. Alter, to offer loans to teachers, nurses, & other groups typically denied loans at banks. When Dennis Alter took over, & changed the company name to Advanta, he pushed & hired aggressive - expanding into one of the largest creditors to small businesses - a background readily available.

But where all of this management savvy fell apart is not just in WHAT was done when our economy took a dive, but in the HOW it was handled/not handled.

A majority of businesses & families have been hurt â“ large businesses including Advanta, and many small businesses, including those serviced by Advanta loans. So whether or not Dennis Alter ever personally experienced the loss of his home & family finances, he certainly was experiencing the erosion of them through the decline of his Advanta empire.

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