Post No: 80112 August 27, 2009, 04:51PM
Guest wrote:

PART 2: So why, Dennis Alter - was it panic, confusion, too much going on that prevented you from remembering your why? Did you forget your fatherâs beginnings? Did you forget why you business was started, Dennis Alter?

There is a simple thought regarding physics as applied to business â“ âœYou can only squeeze so much blood out of a turnip.❠(The actual English proverb is âœYou canât get blood out of a turnip.â)

But the point is this, Mr. Alter â“ instead of working with your small business owners, you decided to squeeze them with a very high interest rate in an attempt to push payment & temporarily patch Advanta funds. But your process backfired driving those same small business owners deeper into debt at a pace that was way too fast to manage. Added late fees, a further reduction of loan limits, all forced issues beyond reasonable resolvement.

You did not provide an empowered customer service, Mr. Alter. When customers could reach an Advanta representative, they were thrown âœslam dunks❠- this is the way it is â“ pay upâ¦

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