Post No: 80122 August 27, 2009, 04:52PM
Guest wrote:

PART 3: So in effect, Mr. Alter â“ you stopped doing business with your small business owners way before you totally cut off all available credit to them. You had the choice of working with, and offering reasonable payment options, but
stopped managing that part of your business altogether.

So if I were to criticize a management style, it would be that Dennis Alter failed to provide a management style. Advanta had no positive recovery process in place and that only intensified a very financially unstable situation.

Your customers are people with families, Mr. Alter. They rely on you to provide business credit. Loans can be lifelines, or they can be the anchor that sinks you both. It was a betrayal to both you & your customers to dismiss recovery options & allow management to degrade so badly.

Jack Alter left you a very positive & basic business philosophy and purpose. When you turned your back on that, Dennis Alter, you turned your back on everyone including yourself. Why, Mr. Alter, why?

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