Post No: 583242 April 16, 2014, 01:14AM
Guest wrote:

ERBB is a buy.

What happened to is PHOT is PHOT's problem, NOTHING to do with ERBB.

ERBB successfully unveiled its ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine on
4/12 in Avon, CO where CO is 1 of the 2 states that legalized marijuana.
ERBB' ZaZZZ is 1) the FIRST age-verifying marijuana vending machine
2) the FIRST face- verifying marijuana vending machine.

ERBB- with its ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine- has been making all
the right moves into the billion dollars marijuana industry.

ERBB is the clear winner.

(Note: Google, search "ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine" and read.
You will find many articles, all talk highly about ERBB's ZaZZZ)

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