Post No: 8622 March 09, 2009, 08:38PM
Guest wrote:

If the money isn't important to you at all, so keep going. I am not a gambler, and am not going to become one, so these things does not interest me. I just wanted to warn investors that this is a dangerous company.

Are you gambling very often? How much have you earned from that? Back when eBay was in it's infancy I made 32k when no one thought anything would come of them. I then took that money for my daughters education,and guess what,she is a PA with a salary of 100k plus. By the way I never got passed my second year in high school and have worked very hard and put all three of my daughters through college.All I am saying is now is the time to shoot for the stars if you have a little extra cash in your pocket. Don't use credit cards,live within your means and look long term.

Good stuff, guest! I totally support what you said and have a lot of respect for a hardworking parent. My parents don't have good jobs but they worked their asses off to give me a better future. Now I'm working at Amazon as an engineer and I am working hard to repay my parents. Shooting at the stars might give them a bigger token of appreciation. Good luck to you and your daughters. All hardworking parents deserver some stars.

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