Post No: 15142 October 20, 2009, 06:30AM
Guest wrote:

Dear Mr. Uchida,
I am a American living and working in Thailand. My wife and I decided to open a printing company 2 months ago not far from the Don Mueng Domestic Airport in Lam Luk Ka. I spent alot of time researching the various models available on the market and settled on purchasing the Canon IPF9100 wide format printer. I'm writing to complain about the level of service here in Thailand. Finding resellers for the outraguosly priced Canon ink has been a real challange. It generaly takes me 2 or 3 days to get a cartriage of ink becuase none of the authorized distributors carry the stock (perhaps because it is so expensive).
Since purchasing my printer i have spoke with several priting companies in the Bangkok area. All of them have complained about the level of service Canon proivides and high cost of ink. Most have sold their Canons machines so they could remian competitive in the local market.
I attended a media/prinitng trade show this past week at the Impact Exhibition Center and of the hundreds of machines on display I saw only one canon. The gentlment marketing the Canon machine wasted no time explaining to me how the machine could be dissmantled and reconfigured for a cheaper non canon ink. This guy was a canon representitive. Pretty sad.
I doubt this will ever reach you but if it does, please think carefully about what I've said and for the sake of Canon Asia, please push your people to provide a higher level of service and to sell ink at a reasonable price to the end users.



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