Post No: 91782 January 04, 2009, 10:45AM
Guest wrote:

OK, here is something intresting. Much of us being kicked out on our asses came to America with the hopes and promise of a better life. We work hard to help build the company, only then the managers make it fall. They sell the company to the other people and makes lots of money so they can live richly and travel to many places without having to work any more. But we still need to work to live everyday. But now we cannot because they are closing us. But where will we work now? I don't know because there are not many jobs now in NC. Maybe one of the managers can give me a loan with their money since they have enough HA HA. Well, at least we are lerning the turth about America that some peoples can make lots of money not working but other people can work hard and end up with nothing and no job. I never did like those managers because they think they are better than us but they are only more lucky. I hope that God and Allah gives them what they really deserv at the end.

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