Post No: 91842 January 06, 2009, 08:54PM
Guest wrote:

Have you ever heard of Google or maybe Yahoo, perhaps? If you would take 2 mins and do a search you would find that the company was sold to in a deal that closed in August 2008. So, to save us from more of your inane questions, is owned by Liberty Media (ticker LINTA). Why don't you go chart that one?
Buyseasons is closing the Celebrate distribution center in Greensboro. I'm sure the employee meeting where that announcement was made was a doozie. From my understanding, there are over a dozen languages spoken in that facility and the only language spoken in Wisconsin HQ of Buyseasons is English. I can only imagine the chaos and miscommunication that ensued. More non-English speakers weighing down the already stagnant job market in NC. Maybe some of them will head back to the countries from whence they came. Or better yet, maybe they will migrate to Wisconsin. L@@k out Cheeseheads!

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