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truthseeker wrote: 1 Reply

Why not limit your focus to investing in companies that have lots of cash, no debt, and that make profits? With that as your base you can narrow it down to ones with good chart signals.

I like internet stocks too. I bought Groupon recently. Ok so it is $4 not .004 but you just get less shares and better quality. I am not saying you should buy it or that it is good. Here is why I like it.

From the Chart....
Hotstocked Precision puts the odds at about 60/40 in my favor to trade up to $6.25. Those odds are based on groupon's chart. Is it a sure thing, hell no. Will I retire off of this one.... nope. But I just want to make some money with not so much risk

From the Fundamentals...
They are profitable, so each day I hold it the company gets richer. They already are the world leader in their space, they have nearly a billion in cash and no debt.

I will take 60/40 odds over 1/99 odds any day

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