Post No: 38802 April 02, 2009, 04:03AM
Guest wrote:

Well I know this Man, We need such Men in all the PSUs, who can drive for results, push these PSU employees to atleast work and perform, he means business.
You won't find deliberate disconnections of tel. line now. earlier phones were disconencted by the MTNL employees deliberately to earn tips and show their importance. this has totally stopped with the advent of Sinha on the front.
Its under his leadership that MTNL has expanded internationally - Mauritius, Kenya, Nepal etc., brought tariff down on all fronts i.e. mobile, landline, broad band got us IPTV, 3G services etc.. This has happenned despite being under the Governmentl control. We need more Sinhas.

And I agree with Mr. Rajesh Gupta Mr.ANON is definitely one of those *** ......


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