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Guest March 25, 2014, 02:21PM
TRTC has taken off, the only problem is so are hundreds of penny otc stocks wanting to get in on this marijuana high(bubble). Remember we might be getting a Republican president soon and you know how they think about pot. Insiders have doubt about future price increase from here that is why they cut and run. Remember it can soon go back down to .o6 where it was before all this pot hype from TRTC pr department,paid pumpers & CEO himself. You think TRTC will start generating marijuana revenue and income this year, next year? I think not....as long as they aren't licensed and federally pot is still under a strict no go as cocaine. Pump all you want but whoever is getting at these inflated price will pay a hefty loss when the time comes after all the hype and pump and the unaudited numbers don't show a single marijuana sale. Back to selling softwares for TRTC.......i guess.