Post No: 355312 April 26, 2008, 05:18PM
Guest wrote:

Come on Amer, You know very well that we all know what you have been doing "the hot archaeological summer of 2006": Selling crap to the nonsuspecting and non-educated bosnian public .
Just to remind You of your own words : check the Daily show episode listed above.
Plus, you cant blame "anonymous people running blogs and being envious of your success (maybe in forging credentials, as one person above mentioned?), or maybe we are just mad that we couldnt get to impersonate an old Jew called Moshe, standing to defend You in one of the numerous e-mails You wrote.

Either way, when will You finally show up on bosnian national TV and say face-to-face to Semir Osmanagic that the pyramids are a bunch of nonsense? Or maybe You would care to inform us on the business You did with Aly Barakat with Your previous company (TerraElement) , and what is the relation between that affair and You bringing this irrelevant "researcher" to bosnia to claim crap about "pyramids" ? Do You have any idea what damage you have done to bosnias image in the world ? Nobody will care about all the finest bosnian scientist and artist working throughout the USA ,Asia and EU - one look at people like you and Semir Osmanagic will be enough for any serious investor to discard bosnia as a place to even think of doing business

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