Post No: 355352 April 30, 2008, 04:26AM
Guest wrote:
Whoever doubts the truthfulness of my claim, please compare Amer's statement in this Daily Show clip and his statement in Science magazine

Please, make a deduction on your own who the slimebag is....

Here, let me give you an extract of that
„But "the next thing I know," Smailbegovic says, "there was a headline in the Bosnian papers: Satellite imagery confirms Osmanagic's discovery of pyramids in Bosnia." This would prove to be the start of a barrage of "sensationalism," he says.“

By the way, where IS Smajlbegovic now? Why isn't he still supporting the project? Slander campaign? Isn't a slander campaign something Fondation is doing on their web site with nationalistic outbursts?

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