Post No: 355372 April 30, 2008, 10:01AM
Guest wrote:

I compared the two and I don't see any proof that Mr. Smailbegović is what he's being accused of in here. What's your point?

What nationalist outbursts?
Did you read the Science magazine article in full or did you only look at my extract? I guess its the latter... Otherwise, you would notice how he denies giving any scientific backing to the project which in the Daily Show is more than obvious.

Once he was asked by Science magazine, I wonder why he hasn't repeated any of that... And I know he said more because I've seen his statements here on local TVs. Not to mention he authored the 3D maps of all pyramids.

Nationalistic outbursts you can find on the Fondation page but beware, if you're looking in English, you're not going to find them (I wonder why is that?) Do your own research, I'm not going to do it for you. Did I mention that they only report in English "some things" and not others?

Basically, you've demonstrated that you're ill informed and to me that speaks volume about pyramid supporters - they are all ill informed and blindly believe anything Sam comes up with (even lucid theories about genetic evidences that the whole Europe has been populated from Bosnia, as in that Bosnians are the ancestors to pretty much everybody - now, I'm a Bosnian, a muslim too, but I can't buy the crap that's been ripped off from another "bosniak" website and published on their official site, which they claim is "professional and scientific")

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