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...Assuming the round-number ecliptic pole motion underestimate (which seems to have been used in Mexico but not at Giza) as explained in Sec. VI, Capella's actual position now is about 33" north of what the builders predicted. So for Capella to graze the horizon, the main Bosnian pyramid is really only 88-33=55" farther north than it should be, according to what the builders expected. According to the centers of the squares drawn by Dr. Smailbegovic (Fig. 1, p. 4) around the suspected pyramids, the third pyramid (the third of his three "primary anomalies") Dautovci, is about 110" farther south (on my screen; 134" on my printed sheet) than the main pyramid, Visoc^ica. So, their mean is at the appropriate latitude. ...

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