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Guest April 23, 2014, 04:56AM
It's part of the Harrington RICO smoke screen. In the original Greystone complaint , Valcom and omni reliant holdings (harrington shell financial company) arranges the settlement with Greystone. They Greystone suit was filed July 24 2013. The RICO suit filed was filed May 9th 2013. Harrington claimed to know nothing of VV dealings with Greystone , even though it was harringtons shell company that put up the money to make the Greystone deal work. Meanwhile in 2010' 2010 NY Slip Op 51835(U) I. MediaXPOSURE LIMITED (CAYMAN), Plaintiff, v. OMNIRELIANT HOLDINGS, INC., KEVIN HARRINGTON, TIMOTHY HARRINGTON, CHRIS PHILIPS, RICHARD DIAMOND, PAUL MORRISON, VICIS CAPITAL MASTER FUND AND VICIS CAPITAL, LLC, Defendants. Harrington and his brother embezzle 10 million from a company they are overseeing. But Tim never say Vinnie do anything illegal, and now Tim's gone...