Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Silver Dragon Resources Inc (OTC:SDRG) Flies Up on News of Production Commencem... July 15, 2011

Silver Dragon Resources Inc (OTC:SDRG) should be out of the exploration stage now. On Jul. 12 the company issued a press release that claims production has commenced at the Erbahuo silver mine. read more

ZAP (OTC:ZAAP) Bounces After the Accumulation July 15, 2011

After three weeks of accumulation, ZAP (OTC:ZAAP) pushed up from the bottom and thus investors could witness three consecutive sessions decorated in green. read more

Gold Dynamics Corp. (OTC:GLDN) Soars After a Paid Promotion July 15, 2011

When Gold Dynamics Corp. (OTC:GLDN) started trading more actively approximately one month ago, the trading interest directed to the stock was almost negligible. read more

Green Planet Group Inc.(OTC:GNPG) Publishes Acquisition News to Little Market I... July 14, 2011

Bombastic news does not always lead to bombastic market explosion. If you see what Green Planet Group Inc., f/k/a EMTA Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GNPG) did yesterday, then you are perfectly aware of this fact. read more

Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc (OTC:OHRP) Gains Supported by Positive News July 14, 2011

Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc (OTC:OHRP) is moving up again. The climb started yesterday, when the stock added approximately 22% to its price and its traded volume jumped up. read more

Fortune Oil & Gas Inc. (PINK:FOGC) Receives a Second Promotional Helping Hand July 14, 2011

Fortune Oil & Gas Inc. (PINK:FOGC) has once again surged on the promotional horizon with a new campaign that started last night. In fact, the company is still covered by its previous promotion, which was detected on Monday. read more

Insite Vision Inc. (OTC:INSV) Gets Financing and Drops July 14, 2011

Insite Vision Inc. (OTC:INSV) announced an agreement for approximately $22.2 million. The transaction is scheduled to occur on or about July 18, and INSV will issue approximately 37 million shares of its common stock and warrants for the purchase of 14.8 million more. read more

Colorado Goldfields Inc (PINK:CGFIA): New Bits of News, Old Promotion July 14, 2011

A press release has just paved the way for a new old promotional campaign worth $7,500 in support of Colorado Goldfields Inc (PINK:CGFIA). read more

Enservco Corp (OTC:ENSV) Starts to Climb Up on Report Coverage July 14, 2011

Enservco Corp (OTC:ENSV) got the up move again. After a number of price hesitations over the past weeks, yesterday the stock gained 7.64% on the market and its traded volume rose up significantly. read more Inc (PINK:BZRT) Is Still in the Promotional Game July 14, 2011 Inc (PINK:BZRT) is setting another promotional explosive before the coming session. Though, it is not sure whether the detonation will be a constructive or destructive one. read more

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC:MCET) Makes Another Run Above the One Cent Mark July 14, 2011

At the start of June MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC:MCET) broke through the $0.01 mark without any effort with an amazing gain of over 300%. It dropped back shortly, but managed to keep higher lows than before the spike. The last several days MCET has been moving up again. read more

Positron Corporation (OTC:POSC) Continues to Gain July 14, 2011

This week Positron Corporation (OTC:POSC) has aimed the top of the chart. Yesterday, the stock continued to climb up and soared another 10% on the market. Besides, its traded volume increased even more to reach 9.7 million shares for the day. read more

Andiamo Corp. (PINK:ANDI) New Name – Same Game July 14, 2011

Yesterday, there was a massive sell off of shares of Andiamo Corp. (PINK:ANDI), fka. Title Consulting Services, Inc. The name and ticker symbol are new, but the company and the way it trades aren't. read more

Investors Take a Chill Pill After the Latest News From Javalution Coffee Co (PI... July 14, 2011

In the last two days, Javalution Coffee Co (PINK:JCOF) has been showing signs of serious weakness. The decline happened on an increased trading volume which can additionally overshadow the vision of long traders. read more

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:ESPH): Small Price, Huge Volume July 13, 2011

The last two sessions have been negative for Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:ESPH), at least with regard to the price of its stock. read more

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc (PINK:LIXT) Lost Solid Grounds July 13, 2011

What's going on with Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc (PINK:LIXT) these days? Yesterday, the stock started moving down and lost 25% of its market price, while its traded volume notably jumped up. read more

American Petro-Hunter Inc. (OTC:AAPH) About to Get Pumped in the Next Couple of... July 13, 2011

American Petro-Hunter Inc. (OTC:AAPH) may have been churning out update after update for the last week or so, yet this approach has had little impact on its stock. In fact, until yesterday AAPH had registered four consecutive sessions with no positive price movement. read more

Platinum Studios Inc (OTC:PDOS) Hit a Massive Gain July 13, 2011

Platinum Studios Inc (OTC:PDOS) is moving up fast these days. Yesterday, the stock hit a phenomenal gain of 83% and aimed the top of the chart. read more

Easylink Solutions Corp. (PINK:ESYL) Makes an Unexpected Decline July 13, 2011

In the last three days, Easylink Solutions Corp. (PINK:ESYL) dropped sharply down and in the last trading session the support line at $1 was broken. ESYL declined 22% to $0.9 in the last session, while the generated volume of 1.7 million shares was much higher than the daily average. read more

Wind Works Power Corp (OTC:WWPW) Welcomes Investors Into the Promotional Spotlight July 13, 2011

Until July 5, the OTCBB-placed Wind Works Power Corp (OTC:WWPW) had the cleanest promotional record. Not anymore. As it turned out, WWPW stock has ever since been subject of aggressive advertising campaigns. read more