Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MKHD) Withstands a New Flurry of Promotions May 9, 2011

Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MKHD) has already been in the spotlight of more than one promotion. Lately, the campaigns don't seem to work too well for the stock, yet they keep on coming. read more

The Possible Reverse Hype of Viper Resources Inc. (OTC:VPRS) May 9, 2011

Whether people made the connection or not, there were obviously many who went for Viper Resources Inc.(OTC:VPRS) last Friday. Two words are more and more mentioned in financial forums, blogs and newsletters - "reverse merger". read more

Will Peoplestring Corp. (OTC:PLPE) Jump Up Again? May 9, 2011

Peoplestring Corp. (OTC:PLPE) has been falling down these days. Last Friday, the stock lost the next 3.85% of its price, while its traded volume rose up. But the most interesting fact here is that the fall continues despite the promotions. read more

Interested Parties Resume Alerts for Global Health Ventures Inc. (OTC:GHLV) May 9, 2011

Following Thursday's wonderful performance on the stock market, Global Health Ventures Inc. (OTC:GHLV) failed to keep its momentum on the very next day. Thus, GHLV stock closed last Friday's session at $0.057 per share, i.e losing 3% of its value. read more

A Paid Promotion Trying to Get Attention for Neah Power Systems, Inc. (PINK:NPWZ) May 9, 2011

Neah Power Systems, Inc. (PINK:NPWZ) saw some decent volume sessions in the second half of March. It looks like the company wants more eyes on it this month. After an optimistic PR, NPWZ has a paid promotion coming its way now. read more

UNIVERSAL BIOENERGY INC (PINK:UBRG) Flies Up on Promotions May 9, 2011

UNIVERSAL BIOENERGY INC (PINK:UBRG) has been climbing up progressively over the past days. Last Friday, the stock soared the next 21% on the market and its traded volume reached over 12 million shares. read more

3Power Energy Group Inc (OTC:PSPW) Soars High on Merger News May 9, 2011

News about a soon-to-be-finalized merger sent the stock of 3Power Energy Group Inc (OTC:PSPW) into the stratosphere. As a result, PSPW gained a staggering 47% in value and closed the week at $0.706 per share, thus rallying to its mid-April levels. read more

The Useful Truth of Information Systems Associates Inc. (OTC:IOSA) May 9, 2011

Alerting you of the possibilities and the potential of Information Systems Associates Inc.(OTC:IOSA) - this is the promoters' job, this is what they get paid for. Whether it will happen - yet to see, but this is when disclaimers come into place. read more

PolyMedix, Inc. (OTC:PYMX): Stock in Decline May 9, 2011

Ever since PolyMedix, Inc. (OTC:PYMX) slumped by 14.5% in early-April, it has been delivering a run-of-the-mill performance on the market. Last week, PYMX continued to lose ground. read more

FBC Holding, Inc. (PINK:FBCD) Surged on News of a Conference Call May 9, 2011

After a long period of lack of any interest in FBC Holding, Inc. (PINK:FBCD), the stock has been traded more actively since February. Last Thursday and Friday were very impressive in terms of volume. read more

Shareholders of Inc. (OTC:KIWB) Can Start Dreaming Again May 9, 2011

After the break of the resistance on Friday, imagine what can happen with Inc.(OTC:KIWB) this Monday. Actually, despite the opinion shared in most financial forums, there is more than one scenario. read more

Press Release Generates Volume for Permanent Technologies, Inc. (PINK:PERT) May 5, 2011

Permanent Technologies, Inc. (PINK:PERT) had gained 8.11% when it closed at $0.20 yesterday. The approximately 860 thousand shares that were traded were not a new high for PERT, but came close to a recent one. read more

DPOLLUTION INTL INC (PINK:RMGX) Scores a Mysterious 20% Increase in Value May 5, 2011

DPOLLUTION INTL INC (PINK:RMGX) is by no means among the most diligent news providers on the pink sheets. Nevertheless, its stock has been enjoying active trading for quite a while now. read more

Gold River Productions Inc.(PINK:GRPS) Continues with the Vague Press Releases May 5, 2011

If a person who has no knowledge of Gold River Productions Inc.(PINK:GRPS) is to browse through all of the company's press releases and announcements, it would be several words that he or she would commit to memory. read more

Daulton Capital Corp. (OTC:DUCP) Trying Hard to Cut Off the Loss May 5, 2011

Daulton Capital Corp. (OTC:DUCP) has been falling down progressively for a couple of days. Yesterday, the stock lost the next 12% of its price and continued the fall. read more

Something's Up at Vantage Health (OTC:VNTH) May 5, 2011

Without any notice, or apparent reason, Vantage Health (OTC:VNTH) stock surged yesterday after being traded rarely and in insignificant volumes. read more

Q Lotus Holdings, Inc. (OTC:QLTS) Struggles to Hold the Climb May 5, 2011

Yesterday, Q Lotus Holdings, Inc. (OTC:QLTS) hit the gain. After being hot and cold over the past days, now the stock is climbing up again, convinced to hold the progressive move. However, this time on promotions. read more

Sthn Home Med Equip Inc (PINK:SHOM) Gets a Promotional Injection May 5, 2011

Sthn Home Med Equip Inc (PINK:SHOM) gained 31% during yesterday's trading session, which proved more than enough for interested parties. The latter launched a brand-new advertising campaign. Currently evaluated at $35 thousand, the program aims at convincing investors that SHOM is going to be the next "Sub-Penny monster". read more

Applied DNA Sciences Inc (OTC:APDN) Advances Up on Promotions Again May 5, 2011

Applied DNA Sciences Inc (OTC:APDN) started climbing up again. Yesterday, the stock added 3.64% to its price and now everyone wonders if the up move is going to continue. read more

mPhase Technologies Inc.(OTC:XDSL) Returns to the Penny Stock World May 5, 2011

Finally, it has happened for mPhase Technologies Inc.(OTC:XDSL). After four months of painful decline, this stock touches the one cent level again. read more