Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

IDO Security, Inc. (OTC:IDOI) Stock Revives Thanks To Alerts June 1, 2010

The last session before the holiday weekend confirmed, that IDO Security, Inc. (OTC:IDOI) stock is reviving on stock alerts. IDOI stock promptly rose 14.29% in dramatic volume traded, despite announced not so optimistic company's financials. read more

Goip Global Inc (PINK:GOIG) Stock Stretches Baggy Tail After Promotions June 1, 2010

After being strongly promoted during the first half of April, Goip Global Inc (PINK:GOIG) stock stretches the baggy tail of cooled investor's enthusiasm. On Friday, GOIG stock lost 56% of its fueled in promotion weight, despite the slow 1.97% increase from Wednesday. read more

Alerted Videolocity Intl Inc (PINK:VCTY) To Give Award To Stock Newsletters June 1, 2010

The last trading day before the holiday weekend, was victorious for Videolocity Intl Inc (PINK:VCTY) stock. VCTY shares jumped 55.00% in a day, on the background of unfulfilled by VCTY promises for update on mergers and company's development till the end of the month. read more

Rightsmile Inc (PINK:RIGH) Stock Restores Investors' Smiles With Unique PR May 28, 2010

Yesterday, investors of Rightsmile Inc (PINK:RIGH) were proud of their 123.53% return on investment in a day. Parallel to the RIGH stock price increase was the noted higher for the last five years volume traded. read more

Quasar Aerospace Indus (PINK:QASP) Stock Performs Vertical Up May 28, 2010

A favorite of investors, Quasar Aerospace Indus (PINK:QASP) stock, yesterday performed an aerobatic vertical up, navigated by stock newsletters and a cannonade of press releases about funds raising. QASP stock noted its second, for this year, peak volume, supported by 19.62% price increase. read more

Sunrise Consltng Grp Inc (PINK:SNRS) Stock Volume Outmatches China Population May 27, 2010

Yesterday, Sunrise Consltng Grp Inc (PINK:SNRS) stock had a chance to make a surprise to those investors, that love long digits. As a result of stock promotion and company's press release, SNRS stock noted the incredible volume traded of 1,586,953,216 shares, exceeding the population of China. read more

OMDA Oil & Gas Inc (PINK:OOAG) Stock Explodes On Stock Alerts And Chairman'... May 26, 2010

Yesterday, OMDA Oil & Gas Inc (PINK:OOAG) stock exploded with the unprecedented 91.67% price increase in unparalleled volume of 18,2 M shares traded. The huge stock rush was resulted by stock alerts, promising binary profits on OOAG investment and Chairman's murmurs, attempting to create new corporate image. read more

Hi Score Corp (PINK:HSCO) Stock Scores Highest Volume On Promo Lights May 26, 2010

Yesterday, Hi Score Corp (PINK:HSCO) stock scored the highest volume traded in its history. The victorious march of HSCO shares was illuminated by LED street lights of a stock promotion. read more

NT Mining Corp (PINK:NTMG) Stock Runs On One Promotion & Two Man May 25, 2010

The rarely traded NT Mining Corp (PINK:NTMG) stock rose, pushed by stock promotion and the management of the company, which has only two employees. In one day, NTMG shares jumped 12.62%. Recordable volume was twelve times the average. read more

Cannon Exploration Inc (PINK:CNEX) Topping Out Before The Big Week? May 24, 2010

Cannon Exploration Inc (PINK:CNEX) looks like it topped out by the end of the last week as expectations of the promised return to exploration are yet to be fulfilled. read more

Vidaroo Corporation (OTC:VIDA) Stock Is Green, Not Evergreen May 21, 2010

After a month of heavy stock promotions, Vidaroo Corporation (OTC:VIDA) stock finally was rushed. VIDA maybe understood, that stock promotion does not necessarily means stock stir. read more

American Lithium Minerals Inc (OTC:AMLM) Gives Up To Selling Pressure May 21, 2010

American Lithium Minerals Inc (OTC:AMLM) presented a sign of weakness for bulls as the stock nearly collapsed warning of the upcoming change in the existing market valuation. read more

Renewal Fuels, Inc. (OTC:RNWF) Stock Becomes Underground Bestseller May 21, 2010

During the past days Renewal Fuels, Inc. (OTC:RNWF) stock jumped higher and higher despite the lack of official company information. Yesterday, RNWF shares become an underground bestseller, since the stock exploded 42.86% upon colossal volume of almost 87 M. There was no economic reason for such stir, except for the anticipation of speculative profits. read more

United States Oil&Gas Crp (PINK:USOG) Stock Spills On Gallons Of Alerts May 19, 2010

Being strongly promoted from the beginning of the year, United States Oil&Gas Crp (PINK:USOG) stock recently spilled a volume of 23,5 million shares traded. Gallons of stock promotion alerts were tracked to investors' inboxes, resulting USOG stock stir. read more

Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. (OTC:TADF) Stock Forces On Alerts And PR Re... May 18, 2010

After almost two months of combat for investors attention, utilizing the most innovative techniques of stock alerts and prospective press releases, Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. (OTC:TADF) stock finally rose from the earth. All of the recent press releases anticipate a profitable future, for which TADF has no financial and human resources. read more

Balloon Of Hopes For Kender Energy Inc (PINK:KNDR) Stock Deflates May 17, 2010

The balloon of hopes for Kender Energy Inc (PINK:KNDR) stock deflates, despite the stock promotion and promotional announcements about the new filed of company's helium technology application. read more

Goldcorp Holdings Co. (OTC:GHDC) Heavy Action As Revenues Get In Sight May 14, 2010

Goldcorp Holdings Co. (OTC:GHDC) recorded two consecutive days of heavy buying and looks to end the week with at least heavy volume. read more

Zevotek, Inc. (OTC:ZVTK) Stock Draws Bullish Kickers May 14, 2010

Yesterday, Zevotek, Inc. (OTC:ZVTK) stock pulled back 5.66%, continuing the week of price decline, despite stock alerts. The candlesticks at the ZVTK stock chart draw bullish kickers. This means, that in the short term, ZVTK stock price may go green. read more

PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. (OTC:PSWS) - Heavy Buying On Expectations May 14, 2010

PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. (OTC:PSWS) has been rallying ahead of time as the development stage company only presented promises to launch a new production unit. read more

Encounter Techs Inc (PINK:ENTI) Stock Sinks May 14, 2010

During the last two months Encounter Techs Inc (PINK:ENTI) has been scrambling to be added to investors "Favorites" menu, if not in their portfolios. read more