Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc (OTC:CMSI) Stock Banks 92% Gain, Before The Fort... May 13, 2010

Yesterday, investors holding shares in Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc. (OTC:CMSI), received a chance to grab an almost 100% profit on their investment. Stock alerts, playing the role of the Wheel of Fortune, made a sensational, worthy of a star, performance for CMSI shares. The forthcoming dilution was not invited in the play to present facts to investors. read more

Homeland Security Corp (PINK:HSCC) Stock Explodes On Non Security Driven Techno... May 12, 2010

Yesterday, Homeland Security Corp (PINK:HSCC) stock exploded 20.6% on non security driven technologies. Stock alerts for big price jumps were the only official source of information for the company, that resulted HSCC shares price increase up to the level from the golden for the company year 2006. read more

Silver Falcon Mining Inc (OTC:SFMI) Pokes New Highs May 12, 2010

Silver Falcon Mining Inc (OTC:SFMI) recorded another significant jump in price as the day of first revenues approaches. read more

Vemics Inc (OTC:VMCI) Attracting Attention, Ready to Test The High Grounds May 11, 2010

Vemics Inc (OTC:VMCI) attracted some serious attention during Monday's trading but failed to provide anything more than volatility. read more

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. (PINK:SPNG) - Defiled, But Still Trades May 10, 2010

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. (PINK:SPNG) has been recently officially declared a failure as their management got busted for making up the company's financials and working to increase their own wealth without really caring for the shareholders. read more

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTC:ACTC) Stock Fires Reversal's Wicks May 10, 2010

On Friday, the oversold Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTC:ACTC) stock coped with the selling pressure caused by the previous break of support level. read more

Estate Coffee Holdings Corp (OTC:ECHD) Stock Is Artisan Roasted by Promotion May 10, 2010

Estate Coffee Holdings Corp (OTC:ECHD) stock, trading with a new symbol on the OTC for a few months now, is anticipating its first half of million shares traded volume. Yet, investors do not appreciate ECHD stock price increase. This should happen in the next several days, as ECHD shares are artisan roasted by stock promotion from the end of April. read more

Rostock Ventures Corp (OTC:ROSV) Relays on Stock Promo Shows May 5, 2010

Since yesterday, Rostock Ventures Corp (OTC:ROSV) shares are in a stock promotion mode. The announced ROSV corporate update was only a reminder, that during next days, ROSV stock will be presented in millions of alerts, like a “Huge Gold Play”. read more

ANTs Software Inc. (OTC:ANTS) Rallying For New Highs May 3, 2010

ANTs Software Inc. (OTC:ANTS) has seen a substantial price rally over the recent few days and is looking to make it further supported by the idea of returning tech sector growth. read more

Delivery Technology SLTNS (PINK:DTSL) Stock Is Diving To The Bottom Before The ... May 3, 2010

For Delivery Technology SLTNS (PINK:DTSL) stock, Friday was not a happy day for the month closing. DTSL shares plunged to the bottom 37.78% in the spectacular volume of more than one million transactions. Despite the start of the stock promotion campaign, investors were not able to appreciate the price increase. read more

Thrive World Wide, Inc. (OTC:TWWI) Thrives With New Image May 3, 2010

On Friday, “with the pulse on the "street"', Thrive World Wide, Inc. (OTC:TWWI) thrived with new image. TWWI stock price thrived 18.18%. The volume traded was the biggest one, since company is traded at the OTC market. A TWWI stock promotion campaign, presenting the new media business approach of TWWI conquered the hearts of investors. read more

Cancer Therapeutics Inc (OTC:CTHP) Breaks Support, Crashes Down April 30, 2010

Cancer Therapeutics Inc (OTC:CTHP) kicked off with a serious sell-off on Thursday on confirmation of a support break. read more

Freshwater Technologies Inc (OTC:FWTC) Stock Makes Breakthrough On Promo Energi... April 30, 2010

Yesterday, Freshwater Technologies Inc (OTC:FWTC) stock regained investors interest through the revival of the stock promotion campaign. The new approach, “stock promo energizer”, offered by FWTC through stock promoters, pushed up the stock price 24%. The volume traded was spectacular, considering that there was no news, related to FWTC's growth. read more

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (NASDAQ:CTHR) Improvements Drive the Price April 29, 2010

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (NASDAQ:CTHR) spiked up 39% on Wednesday after the company improved their fundamentals and secured an additional manufacturing contract. read more

Over the Globe ERHC Energy Inc. (OTC:ERHE) Stock Remains Traded Under $1 April 29, 2010

One day after the Annual Shareholders Meeting, ERHC Energy Inc. (OTC:ERHE) stock, which pretends that it has the wherewithal to be traded on the AIM, opened its OTC session with a 24.18% lower price. Investors uncertainty was reflected in the price downtrend, accompanied by a notable increase in volume traded. read more

Lithium Corporation. (OTC:LTUM) Stock Charges With Promo Battery April 28, 2010

Yesterday, Lithium Corporation. (OTC:LTUM) stock was charged with not lithium, but the next promo battery. This resulted in higher than average trading volume and a 15.38% price increase. The company has no recent filings of any material interest. read more

Bloggerwave Inc (OTC:BLGW) Sends Another Batch of Promotion Emails April 28, 2010

Bloggerwave Inc (OTC:BLGW) is sending out yet another wave of emails promoting the stock with mostly industry facts and no profitable business under their sleeve. read more

Players Network (OTC:PNTV) Sees A Humongous Spike Up April 27, 2010

Players Network (OTC:PNTV) saw a humongous breakout on Monday with over 117% increase in price even without the news to trigger this rally. read more

Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (OTC:TPAC) Stock Raises Red Flag April 26, 2010

On Friday, investors of Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (OTC:TPAC) stock waved the red flag. In unison with the dizzy development of TPAC and in response to the continuing two weeks stock promotional campaign, they decided to bank their gains. read more

Pacific State Bancorp (NASDAQ:PSBC) Struggling but Going Up April 26, 2010

Pacific State Bancorp (NASDAQ:PSBC) witnessed a significant short term improvement in stock price on Friday, despite the company remaining in a battered financial state. read more