Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Amcore Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMFI) Breakout Stopped Once Again April 23, 2010

Amcore Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMFI) stock noted yet another price attempt to break above the 200 day moving average but despite the heavy volume the move still didn't achieve the result. read more

Cannon Exploration Inc (PINK:CNEX) Stock Changes the Trend April 23, 2010

Yesterday, Cannon Exploration Inc (PINK:CNEX) stock proved willing to change the trend. After the continuing almost two months of decline, CNEX shares booked an order for a future upward trend. Alerts on the company's future green line, supported the increase of CNEX stock price. read more

HE-5 Res Corp (PINK:HRRN) Stock Rides To Clouds On Promo Horses April 23, 2010

This year's season of stock promotions opened yesterday for HE-5 Res Corp (PINK:HRRN). The shares rose into the clouds, as the HRRN stock price jumped 51.52% from the previous session. The colossal volume traded was more than 78 million shares. read more

Positron Corporation (OTC:POSC) Stock Jumps on Alerts April 22, 2010

Yesterday, Positron Corporation (OTC:POSC) stock recorded its best performance for the last three years. Shares jumped by $0.066, or 34.20%, to $0.259 in the session. Almost 60 million shares changed hands. The huge stir was not pushed by the announced POSC's financial results. Stock newsletters on hot stocks were the fuel, that added value of POSC stock. read more

Clean Coal Techs Inc (PINK:CCTC) Flicks Up With no Further Promises April 22, 2010

Clean Coal Techs Inc (PINK:CCTC) sprinted up on proposed coverage in a famous magazine, but the price trend says the company is far from achieving greatness. read more

Promotion Rushes Lightly Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ) Stock April 21, 2010

Yesterday, a new promotional campaign attempted to push up the Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ) stock. After the promo apogee from the end of the previous week, followed by a SLTZ price decline, investors stealthily voted confidence to the share price. This time, the volume traded was not supported by a SLTZ stock price jump. read more

SGD Holdings Ltd (PINK:SGDH) Stock Rages Up April 21, 2010

SGD Holdings Ltd (PINK:SGDH) added over a hundred percent in stock value over the past week under newsletters touting the stock, approaching deal deadline and hopes for further appreciation on short squeeze. read more

Cloud Centric Systmes Inc (PINK:CLDR) Stock Jumps To The Clouds April 21, 2010

Yesterday, after a wide and hot investors battle for price appreciation, the stock of Cloud Centric Systems Inc (PINK:CLDR) jumped to the clouds. A press release of CLDR regarding an expected increase in revenues on the company's contract update pushed up the stock towards its best performance for the year. read more

The Heart of Matech Corp. (OTC:MTCH) Stock Stopped Beating April 20, 2010

Yesterday, after a long arrhythmia, the heart of Matech Corp. (OTC:MTCH) stock stopped beating. From today, under the symbol MTCH there will be only historical information available. MTCH stock symbol is changed to MTCHE.OB. read more

Bergio International, Inc. (OTC:BRGO) Stock Awarded 18K Pink Gold From Jewelry ... April 20, 2010

Yesterday, after a continual struggle to revert to the upward trend from last November, Bergio International, Inc. (OTC:BRGO) stock was awarded by investors with a bold price increase and recordable volume. BRGO shares got the 18K Pink Gold of their value thanks to a stock promotional campaign, colored by company's press release for future funding. read more

Freedom Envirnmntl SV New (PINK:FRDM) Grants Twice the Average Stock Volume fo... April 19, 2010

Yesterday, Freedom Environmental SV New (PINK:FRDM) stock as a result of a continuing promotional campaign, noted new volume highs for this year. The shares entered the session with 13.3% increase from the previous one. After investor's consensus, the FRDM stock closed at the level from Thursday. read more

Lecere Corp (PINK:LCRE) Jumps on Pinky PR Winks April 19, 2010

On Friday, the pinksheets listed company Lecere Corp (PINK:LCRE) stock jumped up almost one and a half times, thanks to stock alerts and a press release for a pilot project. LCRE shares rose by $0.004, or 133.33%, to $0.0007 in the session.The volume traded was good for fans of big numbers. 1,2 billion shares changed hands. This was the one-year highest volume traded. read more

EGPI Firecreek, Inc. (OTC:EFIR) Sees the Price Spurt Up April 16, 2010

EGPI Firecreek, Inc. (OTC:EFIR) cranked up the share price when the company expressed intentions to expand their business. read more

Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ) Stock Surges Fueled by Promotion April 16, 2010

Yesterday, after the announced year-end financial results including a deficit of millions, Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ) stock suddenly noted a good performance. The main reason for the SLTZ stock stir was behind the curtain of the company's official press release. A huge stock promotional campaign pushed up the price of SLTZ shares to the highest level for this year. The volume traded was also enormous. read more

The Blowing Bloggerwave Inc (OTC:BLGW) Is Falling April 15, 2010

The big blow of stock promotions for Bloggerwave Inc. (OTC:BLGW) stock noted its next falling. Two days ago, BLGW shares tumbled by $0.05, or 6.2%, to $0.75. The volume traded was good enough; more than 1.2M shares changed hands. The BLGW stock demand was huge, like at the beginning of March,but the price level in those days was much more higher. read more

Endeavour International Corporation (AMEX:END) - Drill Results Drive the Price April 15, 2010

Endeavour International Corporation (AMEX:END) celebrated a successful drilling with a 11% increase in share price on Wednesday. read more

iDcentrix Inc (OTC:IDCX) Explodes Up On Heavy Buying April 15, 2010

iDcentrix Inc (OTC:IDCX) has been providing some signs of price appreciation since April 9 when the company completed a major stock sale, but Wednesday hit the market with serious volume and 180% sole day gain on the price. read more

Everock Inc (PINK:EVRN) Offers Sensational New Promo Spread April 15, 2010

Since the beginning of the month, parallel to its “sensational new sandwich spread”, Everock Inc (PINK:EVRN) offered a sensational new promo spread for shareholders. Yesterday, Everock Inc (PINK:EVRN) granted investors an almost 50% return over only two days. The volume traded hit a new peak. This was the result of an active EVRN stock promotion campaign and the company's appreciation of the work of its master broker. read more

Fresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV) Pays Promoters, Dilution to Hit the Market April 14, 2010

The most recent developments at Fresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV) were spiced up by stock promotion campaigns that the company paid for. read more

EcoBlu Products, Inc. (OTC:ECOB) Stock Staring Eyes to Repeat Highs April 13, 2010

Yesterday, EcoBlu Products, Inc. (OTC:ECOB) stock completed the first successful attempt to attract investors since January. Investors were in rush, after few days of continuing stock promotional campaigns and the announcement for ECOB future revenues. read more