Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Fresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV) Gets A One Time Price Lift April 13, 2010

Fresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV) witnessed an exploding stock price behavior as the company confirmed their product recognition. read more

Promos And Speeches Add Value to Goip Global Inc (PINK:GOIG) Stock April 13, 2010

Yesterday, Goip Global Inc (PINK:GOIG) stock granted investors a 52.27% profit in the session, thanks to active stock promotional campaigns, an investment report and the optimistic speech of GOIG's CEO . The volume traded was remarkable. More than 239 millions of shares changed hands. This was twice the volume traded from the previous day. read more

Emerging World Pharma Inc (PINK:EWPI) Massively Down on Alerts April 12, 2010

Last week was the week of promotions for Emerging World Pharma Inc (PINK:EWPI) stock and may be not so profitable for some investors. Since Monday, the classical high volatility shares of EWPI were looking for the impossible price consensus dancing in the swirl of never seen volumes for this year. read more

ETotalSource, Inc. (OTC:ETLS) Rallies on Short Squeeze April 12, 2010

ETotalSource, Inc. (OTC:ETLS) stretched out to the news 52-week highs last week as the move started on a mysterious trigger. read more

Vasomedical, Inc. (OTC:VASO) Springs Up April 12, 2010

Vasomedical, Inc. (OTC:VASO) tripled the share price on Friday but ended up trading flat for the remaining day, showing no signs of further changes. read more

Promotion Spreads Gold Rush for Andes Gold Corp. (OTC:AGCZ) stock April 12, 2010

A promotional campaign from the end of the week pushed investors of Gilds Andes Gold Corp. (OTC:AGCZ) stock to trade like never before. On Friday, AGCZ stock noted its volume peak for this year. read more

Quasar Aerospaces (PINK:QASP) Stands Calm Before the Storm April 9, 2010

During the past few days, Quasar Aerospaces (PINK:QASP) has been one of the favorites among investor discussions. The volume traded is kept on track thanks to promotions, but the price of QASP stock does not meet investor expectations. QASP shares stand calm before the storm of future investor decisions, based on contradictory information and free stock promotions. read more

Nexaira Wireless, Inc. (OTC:NXWI) Pays Millions In Cash to Promote Own Shares April 9, 2010

Yesterday, Nexaira Wireless, Inc. (OTC:NXWI) began an unprecedented promotional campaign of its stock, which resulted in a volume of more than half millions shares. According to the information from the web site of our colleagues at “Stockpromoters”, NXWI will compensate the promoter “DAILY PROFIT” eighteen million, two-hundred and seventy-thousand dollars. read more

Hop-On Inc (PINK:HPNN) Stock Soars As They Offer Free Cigarettes April 8, 2010

Hop-On Inc (PINK:HPNN) stock hopped 150% within only half a trading day as the company's Electric Cigarette became available for purchase online. read more

Matech Corp. (OTC:MTCH) Stock Throws Investors Under the Bridge April 8, 2010

Yesterday, investors were not favorable to Matech Corp. (OTC:MTCH) stock. Led by a successful promotional campaign, more than 150 million shares changed hands. The volume traded surpassed the amount of reported outstanding common stock of 31 million. read more

Bederra Corp (PINK:BEDA) Trying to Get Things Right April 8, 2010

Bederra Corp (PINK:BEDA) enjoyed spikes in liquidity and price gains as the company's engagement to buy back their stock finally came to life. read more

Artfest International, Inc. (OTC:ARTS) Stock Rises From The Dead April 7, 2010

Investing in Artfest International, Inc. (OTC:ARTS) seemed absurd not too long ago, but the company has come up with news that somewhat dispersed the dark cloud above them. read more

Ekwan-X Inc (PINK:EKWX) Grants One Way Tickets to the Moon April 7, 2010

Like an April Fools Day joke, Ekwan-X Inc (PINK:EKWX) stock suddenly jumped on the stage of the trading floor like an old forgotten comic. Hypnotized by stock promotional magazines and in the name of quick profits, investors suddenly applauded a favorite artiste from the last decade. read more

Socialwise, Inc. (OTC:SCLW) Starts Impetuous Arousal April 6, 2010

Thanks to the ongoing unprecedented PR campaign the stock of Socialwise, Inc. (OTC:SCLW), the stock started an impetuous arousal since yesterday. During the session, SCLW stock jumped by $0.099, or 15.2%, to $0.749. This was the SCLW price record for this year. read more

Integrated Environmental Techno., Ltd. (OTC:IEVM) Spurs Into 5-year Highs April 6, 2010

Integrated Environmental Techno., Ltd. (OTC:IEVM) has been pushing up since Thursday and recently demonstrated a breakout upon which a new five year high was reached. read more

Electric Car Company, Inc. (OTC:ELCR) Aims For High Ground April 2, 2010

The exploding price appreciation on Electric Car Company, Inc. (OTC:ELCR) stock has been further pushed by a newsletter touting, but the recently increased number of authorized shares is raising concern. read more

Digital Angel Corporation (NASDAQ:DIGA) Pending Ejection from NASDAQ April 1, 2010

Shares of Digital Angel Corporation (NASDAQ:DIGA) made a modest attempt to enter the track of NASDAQ requirements yesterday. The attempt was still not good enough to cover them, since the price of DIGA shares was below the dreamed $1. read more

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (OTC:ECPN) Stock Torn Between Resurrection and... April 1, 2010

Yesterday, the stock of El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (OTC:ECPN) noted a price peak for the last two years. The record was achieved as a result of the price climbing up one day before the press release of company's CEO this Tuesday. read more

Kat Exploration Inc (PINK:KATX) Stock is Swollen by Theatrically Bloated Volume April 1, 2010

Like during last June, a quiet promotional campaign is going to kill profits on Kat Exploration Inc (PINK:KATX) stock. Bloated volumes without any natural reason occupied yesterday's session. read more

Monster Promos Swallow Yields on Telanetix, Inc. (OTC:TNXI) Stock March 31, 2010

Yesterday, the Telanetix, Inc. (OTC:TNXI) stock booked a new jog since the mid of the month, when the company announced its quarterly and end of the year financial reports, accompanied by a promotional campaign. The TNXI stock rallied by $0.016, or 17.0%, to $0.11 in the session. read more