Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Cascadia Investments (PINK:CDIV) Rockets Higher March 31, 2010

Cascadia Investments (PINK:CDIV) now sports a 117 million dollar market valuation. This is coming from a company that did less than $8,000 per month in revenue for the Fourth Quarter of 2009. Cascadia had less than $5,000 USD in their bank account at the end of the year. read more

PPJ Enterprise (PINK:PPJE) Stock Whirls Beyond the Limits of the Outstanding Sh... March 31, 2010

Yesterday, the stock of PPJ Enterprise (PINK:PPJE) bounced in a perplexing trading session. In a whirl of hot investors trades, 1,272,484,992 shares changed hands in the session. The impassioned volume traded was with more 50x the reported 21 million shares outstanding at the end of September last year. read more

Thresher Industries Inc (PINK:THRR) – Starts the Final Countdown March 30, 2010

Like one of the the hits for March on the pink sheets market, the stock of Thresher Industries Inc (PINK:THRR) victoriously continues its final countdown under the beat of in formations, related to company's selling and successful promotions, or more... read more

The Ray of Promotions Rises for Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) Stock March 29, 2010

Since last Friday the Ray of Promotions Rises for Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) stock. Following a slight dip in Thursday's trading the shares of Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) opened the market on Friday at $0.018. After a huge stock stir BRZM jumped by $0.002 , or 11.1%, to $0.02. read more

SMC Recordings Inc (PINK:SMCE) Sinking After a Short Burst March 29, 2010

SMC Recordings Inc (PINK:SMCE) sank on Friday as the company's stock promotion campaign wore off. SMCE came out as quite a spender, with more than $350 thousand put into stock promotion campaigns. read more

Cord Blood America Inc. (OTC:CBAI) Share Dilution Continues March 28, 2010

Who wants a bloody, used umbilical cord that has just been slashed? It sounds kind of gross, but not to Mathew Shissler CEO of Cord Blood America inc. (OTC:CBAI). He has developed a business around collecting them for the Stem Cell properties they posess. read more

Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE:FBC) Shares Get Crushed March 28, 2010

Shareholders of Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE:FBC) were dealt a near knockout puch on Friday when shares came crashing down to break through a new 52 week low. read more

More Punishment for Washington Mutual, Inc. (PINK:WAMUQ) Shareholders March 28, 2010

Betting on the loser seldom works out. This is certainly the case for speculators in Washington Mutual, Inc. (PINK:WAMUQ). Those hoping Washington Mutual will emerge from Bankruptcy and rewared shareholders are watching there bets turn into fairy dust. read more

Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc (OTC:SUWN) Strives to Keep the Upward ... March 26, 2010

These days Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc (OTC:SUWN) strives to keep the upward trend of its stock, after announcement of the negative financial results for the nine months ended January 31 2010 and the obtained GRAS status, supported by a promotional campaign. read more

Gen2Media Corp (OTC:GTWO) Organizes Sellout Bazaars March 26, 2010

Like at a cheap bazaar, yesterday's promotional campaign pumped out shares of Gen2Media Corp (OTC:GTWO), as investors greedily devoured them like hot cakes. The colossal amount of more than 1.7 million shares changed hands. The volume traded was 37 times higher than that at the beginning of the week. read more

Promotions Turn the Stock of Everock Inc (PINK:EVRN) March 25, 2010

Recently, after the terrific showing of Everock Inc. (PINK:EVRN) products at different food expos, EVRN stock also made a terrific show. The share price jumped 0.0004 cents, or 7.39%, to $0.0095 yesterday. read more

Jade Art Group Inc (OTC:JADA) Breaks Out On Heavy Trading March 25, 2010

Jade Art Group Inc (OTC:JADA) burst up under heavy volumes, after nearly two months of consolidation. read more

Promotion Pitching Cytta Corp (OTC:CYCA) Stock Beyond Limits March 25, 2010

Yesterday, an unparalleled movement of Cytta Corp (OTC:CYCA) stock allowed investors to see fat gains. CYCA's shares rose 0.0027 cents, or 132%, to $0.0049 in the session. Those, that came in the game last Friday, when CYCA stock was traded in the range $0.0006 - $0.0009, were happy to count a 444% profit. read more

YRC Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ:YRCW) Blasts Off on Tremendous Buying Wave March 25, 2010

Shares in YRC Worldwide (NASDAQ:YRCW) skyrocketed yesterday on the highest volume that the stock has seen ever. Over 150 million shares changed hands as the shares soared 19% higher. read more

A Hammer is Banging Profits on Hop-on Inc (PINK:HPNN) March 24, 2010

Yesterday, the market swallowed the incredible amount of more than 291 millions of shares of Hop-on Inc (PINK:HPNN). This was 60 times higher volume traded in comparison with the same from Monday. The HPNN stock price was also swallowed by investors. At the end of the trading day the closing price was $0.0017. Such volume were never seen this year, even during February, during the last stock's stir. read more

Polaris Intl Holdings Inc (PINK:PIHN) Rallying Empty Handed March 23, 2010

Polaris Intl Holdings Inc (PINK:PIHN) has been gaining for nearly a month now and the stock move is further spiced up by ongoing promotions. read more

Lighthouse Petroleum Inc (PINK:LHPT) – Trading of Record Volumes March 23, 2010

Yesterday, the stock of Lighthouse Petroleum Inc (PINK:LHPT) broke the record for volume traded this year. The huge demand for company's stock was not supported by an expected increase in price. read more

WellTek Incorporated. (OTC:WTKN) Played by Promoters March 23, 2010

WellTek Incorporated. (OTC:WTKN) hit out radar screen after being promoted through Skype services. The stock jumped 15% on Monday, but were investors really presented with an easy money opportunity? read more

Trustcash Holdings Inc (PINK:TCHH) - Pending to Overcome the Limits March 23, 2010

Since Friday, the stock of Trustcash Holdings Inc (PINK:TCHH) is wrestling hard to overcome the psychological limit of $0.0004 per share. The big fight started last Tuesday, when TCHH stock was traded at half the current price and booked giant trading volumes. read more

Fresenius Kabi Pharma. Holding Inc (NASDAQ:APCVZ) Rises on FDA Approval March 22, 2010

Fresenius Kabi Pharma. Holding Inc (NASDAQ:APCVZ) turned out to be a short and aggressive play on Friday but after hours news cleared the way for stock appreciation. read more