Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Promotions Stir the Stock of Lyric Jeans Inc (PINK:LYJN) March 22, 2010

Starting on Thursday, the Lyric Jeans Inc (PINK:LYJN) stock traded around $0.024, hitting 52-week highs for two consecutive days. The stock's liquidity has also improved significantly, attracting 830 thousand dollar volume on Friday. read more

Copper King Mining Corp (PINK:CPRK) Pumps Up On Rumors March 22, 2010

Copper King Mining Corp (PINK:CPRK) had seen substantial volume spikes in March, but rumors on upcoming news further heat up the situation. read more

Freshwater Technologies Inc (OTC:FWTC) Skates the Promotional Profits March 22, 2010

Last Friday, a spectacular illumination with colorful confetti fired up almost nine million shares of Freshwater Technologies Inc (OTC:FWTC). The FWTC stock shot up from $0.056 to $0.067 per share, or nearly 20%. read more

SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC:SKTO) - Stormy Promotions May Snatch Profits March 18, 2010

Over the last few days, the SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC:SKTO) stock is blowing out with a high and strong tempo. A strong promotional campaign, in addition to the news releases made by the company, caused increases in the share price. read more

Attitude Drinks Incorporated (OTC:ATTD) – the Energizing Stock Explodes March 17, 2010

The ATTD stock following all optimistic news about the company's development is going to put a price record. read more

VIPR Industries Inc (PINK:VIPR) – Stock Jumps on Furious Buying March 17, 2010

Yesterday, owners of VIPR Industries Inc (PINK:VIPR) stock were eager to count their profits. Those, that thought to buy VIPR few good days ago, but didn't were frustrated that missed the rally. read more

Zenergy Intl Inc (PINK:ZENG) Picks Up Falling Speed March 17, 2010

Zenergy Intl Inc (PINK:ZENG) lost another 33% on Tuesday and still we don't hear anything new from the management, though the promises were very high three months ago. read more

Artfest International, Inc. (OTC:ARTS) Making Crafty Press Releases March 16, 2010

Artfest International, Inc. (OTC:ARTS) had a nice spike up on Monday, coinciding with an announcement of a dividend payment and a possibly continuing stock promotion campaign. read more

ParaFin Corporation (OTC:PFNO) Getting Back On OTCBB Track March 16, 2010

Yesterday, in a press release, the Management of ParaFin Corporation (OTC:PFNO) announced that the company will become fully reporting and will apply to re-instate the shares of the company to be traded on the Bulletin Board. read more

Target Development Group, Inc. (PINK:TDGI) Pushing Up On Hopes March 16, 2010

Target Development Group, Inc. (PINK:TDGI) picked up some serious volume on Friday and the stock exploded breaking through short term resistance purely on expectations. read more

Zevotek, Inc. (OTC:ZVTK) Bursts Up March 16, 2010

Over the last month, Zevotek, Inc. (OTC:ZVTK) has been rolling out advertising campaigns, presenting new orders and having their stock promoted. The result is a clear increase in stock price. read more

Evermedia Group, Inc. (PINK:EVRM) - Stock Wakes up From the Winter Lethargy March 16, 2010

It seems that Evermedia Group, Inc. (PINK:EVRM) stock is making an attempt to awaken from its winter lethargy. read more

Black Art Beverage, Inc. (PINK:BLVI) The New Penny Stock Skype Spam March 15, 2010

Black Art Beverage, Inc. (PINK:BLVI) skype spam hit 2 members of our staff today. Their unsolicited messages got our attention directly through skype though we didn't ever subscribe to any of these services. read more

Thresher Industries, Inc. (PINK:THRR) Dropping on Vague Announcement March 15, 2010

Thresher Industries, Inc. (PINK:THRR) announced in a press release that the board has approved the sale of the company but neglected to specify the terms and the shares are dropping. read more

Will LI3 Energy Inc (OTC:LIEG) Explode Downwards? March 15, 2010

LI3 Energy Inc (OTC:LIEG) have paid $500 thousand to Daily Profit for their stock promoting services which is 10 times their recent spending on business expansion. read more

GoIP Global, Inc. (PINK:GOIG) Contradictory Claims March 12, 2010

GoIP Global, Inc. (PINK:GOIG) shares have been skyrocketing. Three weeks ago they announced that its subsidiary Go800, LLC's new website,, was launched and attracted incredibly the advertising community. read more

San West, Inc. (OTC:SNWT) Building Up Hopes Through Stock Promotions March 11, 2010

It not new to hear about stock promoters having fun with San West, Inc. (OTC:SNWT) stock, but the most recent shady payments just beg to be published. read more

What will be the future of Xtend Medical (PINK:XMDC) and BioHarp? March 11, 2010

Xtend Medical Corp (PINK:XMDC), announced that the company has filed a legal complaint against U & I Bio-Tech, Korea and California, as well as Mr. Sam Lee, for their failure to deliver all BioHarp-related assets acquired pursuant to the Asset Purchase Agreement signed on December 8, 2009. read more

Cityside Tickets Inc. (PINK:CIST) Stock Is A Ticket To Hell? March 10, 2010

Cityside Tickets Inc. (PINK:CIST) is trying to buy their own ticket for stock price rally show. And it's an expensive one costing them $850 thousand and a bunch of free trading shares read more

Angel Acquisition Corp (OTC:AGEL) - Printing Billions of Shares March 10, 2010

Angel Acquisition Corp (OTC:AGEL) may be the cheapest stock on the market, but is it cheap or do you get what you pay for? read more