Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Cobalis Corp. (OTC:CLSC) – don't get allergies from diseased stocks March 10, 2010

On March 9, Cobalis Corporation (Pink Sheets:CLSC) announced that it has undertaken a TV and Internet advertising campaign to launch and brand PreHistin. read more

Indocan Resources Inc. (PINK:IDCN) - a VERY Dangerous Play Out There March 10, 2010

Indocan Resources Inc. (PINK:IDCN) might be looking hot but still they are just talk and no results at the moment. read more

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. (PINK:SPNG.PK) Still Getting Nowhere March 8, 2010

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. (PINK:SPNG.PK) is one stock people will always have something to say about, even if the company is lacking elemental IR here and there. The people behind the wheel really try to throw some bones for the hungry investors but updates are still insufficient at the moment. read more

Cascadia Investments Inc. (PINK:CDIV) Pushing Into Facebook March 4, 2010

Cascadia Investments Inc. (PINK:CDIV) had taken a step into the gaming business with the acquisition of at the beginning of 2010 and now the time has come when they put their games onto Facebook. read more

The Questionable Potential of Tesoro Distributors, Inc. (OTC:TSRD) March 4, 2010

Tesoro Distributors, Inc. (OTC:TSRD) has been getting attention investors lately as discussions arise whether the stock has any chance to climb up. The company has declared their focus to be on the creation of value to shareholders and targeting to acquire other companies for expansion. read more

Opal Energy Corp. (PINK:OPAFF) Shows Some Life Signs March 3, 2010

Vancouver based Opal Energy Corp. (PINK:OPAFF) wasn't too bright in the news lately however scarce sources have reported the company's engagement in a new venture with Listed Ventures Ltd. read more

Dana Resources (OTCBB: DANR) Evaluating Possible Acquisitions February 17, 2010

Dana Resources (OTCBB: DANR) demonstrated a surprise rally after the company disclosed their intentions to evaluate possible acquisitions of producing silver mines in Peru. Discussed properties include a small mine with silver-lead-zinc output, which would require further investments to get the mining capacity up from 50 tons to 250 tons of ore per day. read more

San West Inc. (Nasdaq: SNWT) Says Revenues Will Fall in Line With Guidance February 16, 2010

San West Inc. (Nasdaq: SNWT) pushed up after an unaudited report of $350 thousand worth of sales made through their online business partnership with incepted in mid July 2009. The company expects this number to increase by another $100 thousand by spring 2010 when another report is to be issued. read more

Amico Games Corp. (OTCBB: AMCG) Update Fails to Impress Traders February 16, 2010

Amico Games Corp. (OTCBB: AMCG) announced the company's promoted mobile phone games are becoming more popular every day with an additional 992 thousand new users recorded, since the beginning of 2010. read more

Empire Energy Corporation International (OTCBB: EEGC) - One Step Away form Funding February 12, 2010

Empire Energy Corporation International (OTCBB: EEGC) shares was stirred up, as the SEC approved the $9 million rights offering registered by the management some time ago. Planning to do some oil and gas exploration in Australia, the company desperately needed additional capital to further proceed with well drilling on their properties in the Tasmania region. read more

Irvine Sensors Corporation (NASDAQ: IRSN) Erases Recent Price Losses on Extende... February 9, 2010

Irvine Sensors Corporation (NASDAQ: IRSN) popped up Monday breaking the overall declining pattern, as the company announced additional orders for their Clip-On Thermal Imager devices. The news attracted more trading activity, but the price ended up with only a 5.75% gain for the day, as the volume evaporated in the second half of the trading session. read more

Triangle Petroleum Corporation (OTCBB: TPLM) Moves up, Breaks Resistance February 9, 2010

Tuesday was a nice day for Triangle Petroleum Corporation (OTCBB: TPLM) followers, as the stock pushed up through one significant resistance at $0.4 and headed further up, still retaining strong volume and showing persistence moving on recent news. read more

ThermoGenesis Corp. (Nasdaq: KOOL) Extends Distribution Agreement, Posts Quarte... February 8, 2010

ThermoGenesis Corp. (Nasdaq: KOOL) has amended their distribution agreement with GE Healthcare under which the unit of General Electrics Company will continued distribution of the company's AXP AutoXpress cord blood processing system. Further, GE will be providing incremental financial support in fields of marketing and market research. read more

Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SPNG) Launching Yet Another SPONGE January 31, 2010

Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SPNG) came up with yet another type of pre-soaped and wax filled sponge they claim will find its place in the marine oriented market. The press release touts the product as being the ultimate solution for cleaning boats till they shine. read more

Xcelplus Global Holdings Inc (PinkSheets: XPGH) Pushes Forward With Update To I... January 30, 2010

Xcelplus Global Holdings Inc (PinkSheets: XPGH) ended Friday's session with a solid 10% gain and seems set for near future appreciation. There are several price driving factors listed in the company's most recent updates and all look reasonable. read more

Zevotek, Inc. (OTCBB: ZVTK) Accepts New Board Member January 28, 2010

A change of management in Zevotek, Inc. (OTCBB: ZVTK) brought a wave of positive reaction on the market. The stock price appreciated 28% on the news but clearly the move was a onetime deal. read more

Force Energy Corp. (OTCBB: FORC) Says Everything Is Shiny January 27, 2010

Force Energy Corp. (OTCBB: FORC) has updated investors on their drilling results for the Diamond Springs Prospect. The report was mostly positive, confirming that spectral satellite imaging has confirmed previously established geological expectations and now they will continue with the creation of geological maps. read more

Imagi International Holdings Ltd (OTCBB: IINHY) Still In Talks To Raise Capital January 26, 2010

Imagi International Holdings Ltd (OTCBB: IINHY) has announced large scale review of operations which has mostly negative effect towards the staff. read more

Forterus, Inc. (OTCBB: FTER) Jumping On Impresive Financial Report January 25, 2010

Forterus, Inc. (OTCBB: FTER) has booked $383.9 thousand in net income for 2009 which has satisfied the traders merrily, sending the stock price up. In the unaudited financial statements filed just for the sake of investors, the company indirectly depicted the fourth quarter's gross profit to be $2.276 million representing 60% growth since the third quarter. read more

Golden Dragon Holdings (PinkSheets: GDHI) Sounds Promising January 25, 2010

Investors surely got excited on Golden Dragon Holdings' (PinkSheets: GDHI) announcement stating the company expanded their products to 300 convenience stores. Share price added 28% during Friday's trading whilst the overall market declined on threat of possible strong banks regulations and disappointing job market update. read more