Stocks Under $1 One Dollar

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Quite Inevitable: Citadel Broadcasting Corporation... November 9, 2009

Remarking that all evidence is threatening to embroil the company into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Citadel Broadcasting Corporation (OTCB: CTDB, or CTDB.ob) on Friday also said it turned in a third quarter net loss on a 14 percent revenue decline due to a weakened performance in its medium and small markets. read more

LEXON Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: LEXO) Up For Some Swing Trade? November 4, 2009

LEXON Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: LEXO) had another day full of promising news which in return boosted its share price quite a bit. It's a pity this penny stock is driven by such low volumes and only reacts to the news. read more

Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY) Provides Intra-Quarterly Update November 4, 2009

Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY) added 20% on Wednesday as the management provided an intra-quarterly update. The stock price had been on a short term downtrend before and this update might provide the necessary push for slight correction. read more

Silver Falcon Mining Inc. (PinkSheets: SFMI) Might See Some Short Upside November 2, 2009

Silver Falcon Mining Inc. (PinkSheets: SFMI) has attracted some attention as the company's stock price approached a critical level and with news on top of that, we might see a rebound. Currently the price is near the $0.045 support level and though it has followed the October's downtrend pretty closely, this is one level that was not yet breached. read more

General Motors Co. (PinkSheets: MTLQQ) Optimistic of Year-over-Year Sales Advan... October 29, 2009

Detroit’s leading automaker, General Motors Company, now trading as Motors Liquidation Company (PinkSheets: MTLQQ) from the time when it exited bankruptcy protection, on Wednesday said it expects the encouraging showroom traffic in October to manifest in year-on-year sales growth for the first time since the beginning of last year. read more

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: NXTH) Is All About The Potential Of One... October 28, 2009

The stock price development of NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: NXTH) is not something seen every day. After rallying for 20 consequent days, the price shot back down on Monday erasing all of the previous gain. What is interesting about this situation is that trading opportunities have emerged from this sell-off. read more

Anthracite Capital Inc. (NYSE: AHR) Stock Price Soon To Find Support? October 28, 2009

Currently the stock price of Anthracite Capital Inc. (NYSE: AHR) has broken through the prolonged triangle formation and is moving down breaking one support line after another. Identifying the sell-off stop point might prove a profitable opportunity on this one though. read more

Fairpoint Communications, Inc. (PinkSheets: FRCMQ) Appears Before the Bankruptc... October 28, 2009

Investor apathy that came hard on the heels of allegations of disservice leveled against Fairpoint Communications, Inc. (NYSE: FRP) by three states of New England is likely to persist as the company appeared before the Bankruptcy Court in New York on Tuesday seeking protection while it executes a restructuring operation. read more

Unico, Inc. (OTCBB: UNCO) to set up a new tailing pond October 27, 2009

Huge volume and a respective 60% increase in Unico, Inc. (OTCBB: UNCO) stock price on Tuesday surprised those playing the preexisting downtrend. Truly the company's stock hasn't shown much positive action over the past three years so playing the news looks like the best way to earn some cash on this penny stock. read more

XTEND MEDICAL CORP (PINK: XMDC) Rallying Before The Merger October 26, 2009

XTEND MEDICAL CORP (PINK: XMDC) stock price continues to rally after the company has recently stepped up to confirm a pending merger with BioHarp Korea, a division of Uni Bio-Tech, Inc. Since the first announcement of merger LOI the stock has climbed astounding 2100% and seems not to be stopping here. read more

New Deals For Juniper Group, Inc. (OTCBB: JUNP) Subsidiary October 21, 2009

Juniper Group, Inc. (OTCBB: JUNP) has recently announced their telecommunications subsidiary has engaged in multiple projects. The news drove the company price up as much as 150% shortly into trading, but it seems the price rush was a one time event and will not intervene with the general downtrend for long. read more

NowAuto Group Inc. (OTCBB: NAUGE) - volatile stock, not much of a company October 20, 2009

Without much action on the day of earnings announcement, the stock price of NowAuto Group Inc. (OTCBB: NAUGE) took off on Tuesday albeit with large volatility. With the price fluctuation totally different from the overall market, it is difficult to determine the nature of this price movement. read more

New Exobox Technologies Corp (OTCBB: EXBX) LOI Makes A Fuzz In The Market October 16, 2009

Exobox Technologies Corp (OTCBB: EXBX) share price went on a crazy rally adding over 170% upon announcement of letter of intent. The company disclosed they have plans to buy $22.5 million worth of producing oil and gas well in Ohio Clinton and Marcellus Shale region. read more

Cascadia Investments Inc. (PinkSheets: CDIV or CDIV.PK) Going Up But Not For Long October 15, 2009

Cascadia Investments Inc. (PinkSheets: CDIV or CDIV.PK) is on the move yet again. With no news publicly available the stock seems to be traveling along the established uptrend on its own accord. It is rather strange though as the main market indexes were down on Thursday and meanwhile Cascadia added 27%. read more

Sun-Times Media Group, Inc. (PinkSheets: SUTMQ) Escapes Demise By a Whisker October 12, 2009

Shares of Sun-Times Media Group, Inc. (PinkSheets: SUTMQ) are still stuck at a penny although the bankruptcy court Judge approved a bid from a private investor group by the name of STMG Holdings, LLC on Thursday to rescue the majority interests of the cash-strapped media empire from liquidation. read more

Balaton Power Inc. (OTCBB<script type= October 9, 2009

Settlement of litigation with Visa International Ltd. announced on Wednesday didn't have much positive effect on the Balaton Power Inc. (OTCBB: BPWRF) share price action, however a sudden correction over the past couple of days wasn't welcomed by traders. read more

Treaty Energy Corp (OTCBB: TECO) Buys Some Wells October 9, 2009

Treaty Energy Corp (OTCBB: TECO) stock jumped up on Thursday on the rare occasion of the company actually purchasing some valuable assets. On Thursday the stock had moved up for the second day in a row adding over 20% before it stopped against a resistance point. read more

Big money in horizon of Green Energy Resources (PinkSheets: GRGR). Another trap... October 8, 2009

Green Energy Resources (PinkSheets: GRGR or GRGR.PK) is a small cap wood fiber fuel supplier. The company is really nothing special and it doesn't even bother to report with the SEC. However recent news has put some positive spin on their stock price as Green Energy might be getting quite some contract. read more

Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc. (OTCBB: FRBE) Exited By Switch In CEO Position October 7, 2009

Wednesday has been a great day for those trying to get rid of Four Rivers stock, as buyers found confidence in the recent appointment of Stephen Padgett as the company's new CEO read more

Viscount Systems Inc (OTCBB: VSYS) Stock Shaken on Announcement of New Contract October 6, 2009

Viscount Systems Inc (OTCBB: VSYS) is one micro cap company that's share price movement is really hard to predict. On the recent news announcement the stock had moved up nearly 100% just to return back shortly afterwards. I must agree the news isn't that big and all, but such volatility is just insane. read more